You might be surprised to hear how much I appreciate you telling your friends and others about how my trainings and teachings have made a positive difference in your life!

One of the most rewarding things for me as an educator is when I hear someone say; “My friend referred me to you because they said your programs changed their life!”

Since Because you're someone who has done business with me in the past, I'm hoping you would agree with those folks who have told others about my Street Smart System and how it is regarded far and wide as the best in the industry.

And if you're like a lot of my fans, you may already be referring friends and family members to attend my events or check out some of my books and courses.

So, to show you my appreciation, I want to reward you with my "Refer a Friend Program." every Now, every time you refer someone to me and they make a purchase, I'll give you up to 10% of what they paid!

How great is that?

I strive to make my courses and training events VERY affordable. They sell for $99.95 and up so when your friend makes a purchase of a course like my House Monster System for $997, you'll receive a check for $99.70 - and you never have to do any of the work... I do it all!

Here's how the "Refer a Friend Program" works:

1. Refer a friend using the form below.

2. If they purchase any books or courses, you get 10% of what they paid.

3. I'll take care of the rest

By the way, they are tagged as 'your' referral and therefore you will continue to earn something off everything they purchase of the Street Smart System in the future.

How can you lose? I promise to take good care of your friends and I promise to deliver good, solid, usable information

So in the form below, enter their name, email address and phone number (if you have it).

We will send an email letting them know it was you who thought they would appreciate this information. That's it. Again, we will take good care of them.

This is a big deal to me and if you refer people that will be the best gift you can give me because it shows that you appreciate the system that has worked so well for so many over the years...and it's working better than ever now.

Thanks for your consideration.

Enter the first and last name, email, and phone number of the person you would like to refer and your full name as referrer:



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