Month: November 2016

Heather Mellinger – Lancaster, PA

I started my real estate career with Lou Brown’s System. His paperwork has saved me many times and made me LOTS of money. I especially like to use the lease option system when selling. Many of my peers in Lancaster ask me if I “feel” the recent downturn in the economy. I can honestly say,… Read more »

Gary Browning – Virginia Beach, VA

I am brand new to Street SmartTM and I have already been successful at 3 short sales in the last month. The HUD-1 sheet from Street SmartTM has enabled us the ease of completing this form and submitting it to the lender. Due to seeing first hand that your system really works I have purchased… Read more »

Rodney Hatton – Jacksonville FL

Lou Brown’s Trust Set saved us from a lawsuit with an Agreement for Deed. A woman moved into a property and put down $7,300 as a down payment to make the purchase. When she had lived there a couple of months, she explained that she wanted to move out and have her money refunded. She… Read more »

Jeddy Ruiz, Pensacola FL

I never knew about purchasing a house with the owners mortgage in place was possible. Now I have purchased a house “Subject-To”, and I have made 5 other offers that way. Owners of those properties have contacted me since then and I expect to close on at least one of them.

Jeddy Ruiz, Pensacola FL

I have increased my cash flow by using your monthly rent strategy by $50. By offering a rent discount of 50 for paying on the first, I always make that 50 because no one pays on the first.