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The deal begins with the details. Click Here to download our Loan Application (it is a .pdf form for you to fill in) and provide every detail you can about your deal. Once you have completed your application save it to your hard drive, then attach it to your e-Mail message – include ALL the other items requested on the application – Your application will NOT be considered until all the information required is provided:

  • Purchase and Sale Agreement
  • Property Acquisition Worksheet
  • Property Photo Pages (see below)
  • County Property Tax Record -available via FindWiz.info
  • Survey of the Property or aerial photos from Bing.com, Google Maps or another source
  • Appraisal or other proof of value (with photos of comparable properties)
  • Scope of Work Sheets and/or Contractor Bids for any Repairs

Photos of the property are critical. As many interior and exterior photos as possible, but no less than one front, one rear, interior shots of each room and “street scene” photos of the street… facing both directions. Download our Property Photo Pages template by Clicking Here – follow the directions at the top of the first page to insert your digital photos and type a caption for each – a picture is worth a thousand words, but not without a caption. Send the completed Property Photo Pages as an attachment to your e-Mail message.

Download Forms:

Application Form

Property Photo Pages

Escrow Draw Request Form

The .pdf forms require Adobe Acrobat Reader to open and are fill-able.

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Louis Brown