Foreclosure Profits are Huge!

Foreclosure Profits are Huge!

Now is THE TIME to CASH IN on deals just sitting there waiting for you…
Earn thousands of dollars quickly on each
and every deal in today’s HOT REO market!


Dear Fellow Investor,

This is THE market you have heard about all your life. You heard how a precious few made HUGE fortunes during the Great Depression. NOW is such a time that HUGE fortunes ARE BEING MADE and I want all my friends to be there. Your children and grandchildren and even great-grandchildren will hear stories about THIS time. You were there. Did you do anything or just let it slip by? Only time will tell. Will your family speak of you with awe and respect or will they feel sorrow that you were not informed enough to JUMP ON this market? You can retire sooner than later if you will do what I have recommended to my top coaching students.

I’ve decided to pull back the curtain and let YOU see exactly, step-by-step, how we are Buying AND Selling in this HIGHLY PROFITABLE market! Only a very select few of you will be able to join me, Lou Brown, to see how I bought over 50 properties in a year and how you can too. Learn as I make my “hit list” of properties to buy, How I evaluate the property, What I am looking for when we visit the property, How I decide on the offer price, and make offers that buys 1-2 properties PER WEEK.

The Street Smart® Affordable Housing Provider Field Training shows YOU how to take advantage of today’s record numbers of bank-owned foreclosures. How to buy AND how to sell!
This limited-size exclusive and private two-and-a-half-day training is designed to give investors like YOU unique insight, as this specially designed in-the-field live training of Atlanta area foreclosure properties is hosted not only by me, Lou Brown, but I’ll also have my entire team there to answer all your questions up close and personal.

You get to take advantage of my over 30 years experience as I share my expertise as a purchaser of REOs in today’s market and and my unique perspectives on how you should approach REO Agents and Asset Managers to get them to put your offer on top of the others and recommend the bank accept it too.

This will not only include the 2-day bus tour to multiple properties but will also include my unique Street Smart® investor evaluation tools for buying from banks plus the invaluable tips from REO Specialists about the best way to approach and foster relationships with REO agents and banks in your hometown, making this system completely duplicatable for your market.

The first 1 1/2 days training is on Buying Right and Buying Cheap. Friday evening we’ll have a meet and greet get acquainted cocktail party with all of you and the team. There you’ll learn how the list is put together on properties to look at — and buy — the next day. (No there is NO requirement for you to buy anything). Then early Saturday morning is the “Boots-on-the-ground” training where we’ll trek out into the marketplace aboard a luxury motor coach, look at and evaluate the neighborhoods, look at and evaluate the properties, come up with repair costs, then put together our offer. In the evening session, back at the Hotel, you will split into groups and work the numbers in a safe, group setting, then we’ll make the offers. (You can even have first dibbs on buying it ahead of me if you choose.)

Next, the focus switches to Selling Right with Highest Profit. On Sunday we’ll be going to a number of properties we ALREADY OWN where you will learn what TO fix and what NOT to fix, plus how to Market Right to get your properties sold Lightning Fast. You’ll even witness one of our LIVE Down-Payment Auctions!

There will be some other goodies but I must keep these under wraps from my competition. Let’s just say you will receive bonus training about where I get the Money easily and at the Right price to buy so many.

There are NO OUTSIDE SPEAKERS at this exclusive event. I am your only teacher along with my in-the-field team.

Every time we hold this event it is a real eye-opener for everyone – from novice to professional, as they learn the ins and outs of how to put together a real REO machine! Or Hey, maybe you don’t want to do ANY work. That’s quite alright. You may want to buy some of the properties we are looking at or put in an order for the ones we already have bought. Do-It-Yourself OR Done-For-You…You choose…but NOTHING is held back. I only WISH I could have taken a training like this when I started buying so many. I could have saved a TON of costly mistakes.

Yes, you’ll even learn about extra title insurance, lower property insurance, and lowering property taxes as well. I won’t leave you hanging.

Hey, take a look at what a very experienced investor had to say about this unlike-any-other training…

This is a) For investors who have never done a deal before AND b) For VERY experienced, know everything, can’t teach an old dog new tricks investors alike. I promise this is not some boring run of the mill seminar. This is live, this is real, this is right now.

This is guaranteed. I’ll put my money where my mouth is. Come for the first day through Saturday afternoon. If you haven’t already experienced enough to make at least TEN times your investment then return your materials and we will HAPPILY return all your money. You will miss the Saturday evening and all day Sunday training. So yes, I am saying that when you attend the whole weekend experience you will leave totally transformed into a Buying and selling money-making machine. The investment is a pittanace compared to what you can make. (I’ll show you the numbers – it’s positively exciting!)

SEATING IS VERY LIMITED because of the size of the bus and my team takes up the first four rows!! Apply now for your  Affordable Housing Provider Field Training position TODAY… Again, there are a very limited number of positions available as we already have a waiting list and this event fills up fast!

Call 1-800-578-8580 NOW for the discounted price based on availability. Just say “What is today’s price for the AHPFT event?” P. S. It will NOT go down. The price you hear (yes there is a discount for two or more from the same family/company) is the lowest it will be! Ye you can reserve for a later date if you cannot do this one.

Click Here for AHP Field Training Webinar Replay

Do this now. Don’t have your future relatives thinking you were an idiot for missing this once in a lifetime opportunity!


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