Millionare Deal Maker

An Urgent Message To All
Street Smart® Investors
From Lou Brown
“The King of Cash Flow”

“Why A Select Few Real Estate Investors Get ‘Hot’ Leads From Sellers Willing To Pay Them Thousands to Buy Their House… And How You Can Too!”

Learn How To Turn Your Completely “Dead” Deals Into Cold Hard Cash That Will Bring a Large, Measurable Improvement On Your Income Month after Month…

Dear Street Smart Friend,

Have you ever looked through a stack of leads, literally spending hours and hours investigating each one throughly only to find that 90% of them are “junk” that will never turn into a purchase or sale for you and your business?

I know you have because I have too!

What about getting new leads? Do you need more hot motivated sellers pouring into your business?

Are you tired of getting a pile of leads and not knowing how to structure a profit making deal? Tired of getting leads that are over financed and having to just throw them away? Then keep reading because I’m going to share with you…

My Latest Million Dollar Real Estate Deal Structuring Secrets
I know what I’m about to tell you may seem crazy…and that’s why I’ve done my best to back everything with real world facts and case studies…so you can see for yourself that these incredible results do happen!

About 15 years ago I began sharing with other investors the secrets (which I discovered while turning my own real estate investments into a wildly successfull business) that allow me to turn any lead, even the worthless, revolting, ghastly ones no one wants, into massively lucrative, high profit, low stress deals.

I’ve taught others how they could use the right offers to become financially independent, free of debt and rolling in the dough! And with more enthusiasm, energy and excitement for their private lives and professional lives than they ever dreamed possible.

The Results of Sharing These Secrets (With Hundreds of Investors) Has Been Utterly Phenomenal!
Recently at one of my events, two young guns, Gary and Adam, were dead broke. They attended my event but could barely pay for food. Each night they would sneak off to their hotel room to eat peanut butter and crackers for dinner. They were starving for a good deal.

They were desperate to get deals done and some cold hard cash in their bank account. They needed to do something serious and fast.

At the next session I talked about a new killer strategy we discovered on how we get sellers to give us their house and a fat check. It was at that point…

The Light Bulbs Started Going Off In Their Head Like The Paparazzi At A Hollywood Premier Party
At the break they rushed up to the stage and began peppering me with questions all about one of the new tactics I shared. You see, they realized they had been throwing away deals that could put cold hard cash in their pocket.

They were turning away deals that had too much debt, not realizing they could ask the seller to give them the deed and a massive check on top of it, all simply by using their new found knowledge and magic words.

Get Paid BIG and Get the Property Too!
These guys are normal everyday young folks. They don’t possess any degrees from any high brow Universities. In fact, they weren’t first in their classes. After the event they simply went out and started attracting leads the way I taught them and started getting checks.

So, you need to take a long look at those deals that are over financed with no equity and…Stop falling short of your dreams!

See, just like you, others know that it just doesn’t make sense to buy homes that over financed or don’t have equity (much less both). They set themselves up to have a completely open, easy to play market that will make you incredibly successful just by using the systems you will learn at my upcoming Millionaire Deal Maker event.

Maybe you already find plenty of sellers but can’t find the money in the deal?

Like Gary, Adam and a few others, you’ll finally be able to have a step-by-step approach to creating deals effortlessly. I’ll show you and you’ll learn:

  • Secret ways to have the owner be the bank and lock in ZERO interest owner financing (think of the thousand you’ll be saving in interest!)
  • 7 little known secrets that will steer you to trememdous profits in big houses…even if the market tanks.
  • How to quickly raise all the money you can stand for your deals. You’ll learn how I’ve been doing it for years…and my new techniques to borrow at 6%, interest only…with no payments!
  • A tiny little proven tip that can make you a small fortune with short sales (and how to effortlessly avoid the deal-shattering mistakes most investors make!)
  • In less than 5 minutes, you can know when a neighborhood is getting white hot
  • Why NOW is the best time to “buy” your dream home. Learn how I used one simple tactic to move from a cramped 3 bedroom house to a spacious, new 5 bedroom, all brick house in just one day.
  • The only magic words – still unknown to most investors – that make the seller give you the deed to the house. And a check for your troubles!
  • New ways to squeeze every penny from a deal. (I typically make an additional $2000 on every deal using just one of the many strategies I’ll share.)
  • What I (and other top investors) do to spot the very best investment properties before anyone else does.
  • How to fly below the radar screen in your town and still get the best deals no one else knows about.
  • The insider’s secrets to connecting the dots on any deal – so you smoothly structure a winning deal, all in a matter of minutes. And yet, you’re not doing ANYTHING complex or difficult by following my simple formula.
  • Exactly which “short list” of killer techniques you absolutely have to have in mind for every negotiation. So there’s never a moment where you aren’t absolutely confident of what you should do or say next.
  • How to lock your real estate deals up tight so sellers’ can’t wiggle out of them, sell to another real estate investor, or get cold feet while you decide how to sell the property for the most cash, anyway you want to…

and ready to sky rocket in value.

When you know my incredibly simple deal concepts… no matter what area of the country you live in, fat money deals will be falling into your lap without any effort from you.

Plus…with my “personalized teaching” you will finally know when and where to use each one. There are no gray areas of doubt in this system. It’s comprehensive, yet so simple you can use it immediately!

Be Sure To Dig Through Your Trash and find Those Deals You Thought Were Dead!

You’ll have the ability to easily break down deals down to uncover the hidden profits you’ve been leaving on the table.

Jackie Coleman from Washington D.C. took my advice. She bought a deal to class she thought was a loser. After review, my coaches and I forbade her from throwing the deal away. We told her exactly what to do. Jackie went back home, followed the simple plan we laid out and ended up with a check for over $109,000!

I’ll be training you to “know when to hold them – and know when to fold them.”

  • You’ll “know when to walk away -AND when to run.”
  • You’ll understand the “art of the deal” and how to optimize all the hidden profit centers others have no clue about.

Take a look at what one prior attendee said…

“I’ve learned here how to put together no fewer than three deals that I had previously abandoned.”
Heather Pauley – Columbus, Ohio

You’ll Learn From Real Live Current Deals…

You are going to see real world real estate deals. Real life case studies, visuals and all, on exactly how I get sellers to cooperate by offering them the right deal for their needs.

You’ll know how to uncover those needs and how you’ll be quickly crafting the right deal for their situation…right there in class!

You’ll be able to walk in behind other investors and create real estate deals they never thought of, just like I regularly do.

“Using one of your concepts on structuring deals I kept the house from going into foreclosure and bought a house worth $135,000 for $99,800. I estimate at a very conservative growth rate will yield me well over $400,000 over the next few years!”
Mike Palombi – Lake Mary, Florida
You’ll Learn How To Do It! Even if you’re doing well now, I guarantee I can show you how to do even better! Through my personal training and class exercises you’ll participate in and learn the right approach to structure multiple fast cash making offers for any situation. You’ll get short term and long-term strategies to put the most profit from each real estate deal in your pocket.

What Top Pro’s Use to Get the Sellers Shouting “Yes!” To Their Offers…
Ever wonder why some seem to excel while others struggle? They’ve learned the secrets that are known only to that top tier. You need that critical information. Real Estate Deals don’t exist – they are created. You need techniques known only to a few that can make you a world class deal creator.

You’ll know how to get the Seller screaming “YES!” When I teach you how to negotiate in ways you never thought possible. Little, simple words that make thousands!

You’ll be a trained machine in deal making when you leave. You’ll take this training and immediately begin a whole new systematic approach to real estate deal creation and making more money when you return home.

As my student you will walk out of this training and start adding money to their bank account right away, just like others do. World Class Deal Creator – that’s you!

Need more convincing? Let me make it worth your while. I know you enjoy a great value. Well buckle up, because I’m going to give you…

$10,475 Worth Of Bonuses FREE With No Risk!

Bonus #1 – Valued At $1,497

“My Interview with The Shadow-Part 1” – At my recent event I interviewed a 10 plus year veteran of the banking industry and, hidden from view, he shared all the banks inside secrets! I’ve been told that this is the VERY best information on the insider secrets of the banking industry. I’ve been using it in my own business with enormous success… From this you’ll learn:

  • How to negotiate the Street Smart way with lenders
  • How you’ll get the bank to accept your short sale offer
  • Which banks will play and who won’t
  • How the bank knows an investor has already bought the property
  • How to get a quick answer on your short sale offer
  • How you tip off the bank when you try to do “Subject to”
  • How the bank knows if you are a buyer or not
  • The right way to buy without triggering the due on sale clause
  • How to find out which banks are motivated to move property now
  • And much more!

Bonus #2 – Value $1497
“My Interview with The Shadow-Part 2”
Well, the first one was so good and we ran out of time, so I bribed my insider to divulge more closely held secrets of getting your short sales accepted. You’ll get the deep dark bank hidden secrets of government and investor programs known only by the bank negotiators AND how they get paid to accept your short sale!
This bonus alone is worth well more than the 4 day training investment!

Bonus #3 Value $2,495
This training improves each time because we update it with the latest cutting edge discoveries we find every day. You’ll want to come back over and over. Re-attend this event (my most popular training) in the future and get a discount of $3,495! You’ll pay only $500 to repeat the latest version!

Bonus #4 Value: $995
Special “Closed Door” 4th Day of Training FREE only to event attendees!
Learn important tips about bankruptcy and how you can profit in this exploding market,little known to even the most seasoned pros! Learn from the two attorneys and a bankruptcy investor who play the game everyday. You’ll have specialized knowledge that take attorneys years to learn. Once you hear these geniuses spill the beans, you’ll be able to work real estate deals you never thought possible. Apartment czar, David Lindahl, has agreed to share his latest scoop on how you can buy apartments anywhere for huge discounts. He’ll share some closely held secrets that others use to make fortunes!

Plus…A few more surprises that I’ve decided to keep under wraps exclusively for the few who will be there:

Bonus #5 Value: $2995
Bring Your Spouse/Partner/Family Member for just $495!
Lord knows this business is tough enough without having to convince the one you love that it can happen. I want your spouse (or other family member) to be on board. Their support is critical to your success. Bring them to this event because it takes a team. A team … in the office and on the home front for you to live the life you so desperately want and deserve.

“In the very first month after attending your Boot Camp I bought 4 houses worth over $120,000 in cash and equity. I used to only know how to buy houses with low all cash offers, but now I can take them as they come and consistently buy deals no one else will touch.”
Kris Kirschner – Lawrenceville, Georgia

Get Started NOW On the Path To Quick Closings And Fast Cash!
Hey… don’t you think that’s a pretty great line-up of valuable bonuses? Okay, what more valuable training can you get than how to uncover and create terrific deals. Great Real Estate Deals don’t exist, they are created. I’m really excited about sharing my 29 years experience in what really works with you!
“Lou, I have to admit I had become too comfortable with my way of investing, but I now realize I was missing so many other opportunities to make the real money!”
Bruce Barilar – Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Just One Idea Pays For Your Training!
Often students tell me they have come for just one idea. They understand that just one idea implemented is worth far more than the cost of the training. Smart thinking. Just one idea from this boot camp you put into practice will easily put money in your pocket now and forever. But I intend for you to have more. Why? Because you’ll have a duplicable system that you can easily follow to the money.

It’s time to act NOW for your own and your family’s future. Graduate testimonials reveal they learn far more than “just one” money making idea, and you will too.

Lets get started on the path to quick closings and fast cash. Can’t afford it? Think about it. You can’t afford not to come. This investment in yourself will yield hundreds of times more than the cost! Just like it did for Jackie, Adam, Gary and all the others you’ve talked to and read about.

But, what if all of this isn’t quite for you….Is this event guaranteed?? You bet!

Lou’s Certifiably Crazy, Never Done Before,
Take It To The Bank, No Risk,

100%+ Money Back Guarantee!

My accountant thinks I’m nuts and maybe I am, but I want you to commit to this event right now with no concern over the cost, what it’s worth, or even if it’s a good use of your time and money. Why? I know what it will do for you.


Attend the entire first day and evening… if you are not absolutely convinced that the money making strategies you’ve learned will earn you truck loads of money and if you honestly think you didn’t learn enough to make back over 10 times your investment over the next 90 days, then politely tell our staff and you will receive:

1) 100% Refund of your Tuition

2) $50 Cash to Change Your Flight

3) Keep the Bonuses as Our Gift*

*You must return the seminar manual and you
may not take advantage of the repeater discount.
“Louis, I’ve spent thousands of dollars on seminars that left me with only a small portion needed to do this business. Thanks to you I just closed on a property with over $30,000 in profits.”
Daniel Murrah – Atlanta, Georgia
There I said it, I’m taking all the risk off of you and placing it squarely on me and my team. If we don’t deliver, then you shouldn’t suffer. Remember here is everything you will get when you attend this event…
Bonuses Value
  • My Interview With The Shadow
  • $1,495 (priceless)
  • My Interview With The Shadow II
  • $1,495 (priceless)
  • Future Discount (only $500 to repeat)
  • $2,995
  • 4th Day of Training (Bonus)
  • $995
  • Bring your Spouse or Family member for $495
  • $2,995
Total Value In Free Bonuses $10,475!!

Call my office right now to reserve your seat for this incredible event. Call now 1-800-578-8580 or click here for registration form. Print out the form, fill it out and fax it to the office at 770-939-3177.

Come learn to be a Millionaire Deal Maker in Atlanta. This incredible event is designed to show you exactly how to get the money – PLUS A FREE bonus day of vital training for an investment of $3,995. ‘Whole Enchilada’ owners and ‘Gold Coaching’ members receive a $1,000 credit. That brings it down to just $2,995. Just pennies for the dollars you’ll make! I can’t see how you can afford not to come. I wish this had been available for me when I was losing tons with all the deal making mistakes I could have avoided.

Join an elite group of highly motivated players for this exclusive VIP training. Call 1-800-578-8580 – Seating is limited for this one of a kind event- so call NOW!

To your success,

P.S. EXTRA BONUS: We’ve arranged for a special rate at the host hotel. Once you register, we will give you the information on how to get your special rate. Last event rooms were sold out, so don’t delay.

P.P.S. Remember by acting fast, you will receive over $10,475 worth of bonuses as my gift to you. But you must act now to receive those exciting bonuses!

P.P.P.S. I am committed your success. That is why I will not overcrowd this event. Call now to make sure you get in this event before the decision makers get all the seats!

I’m so excited to share with you what works! I’ll see you in Atlanta.