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Chain of title is something that most homeowners and investors have little knowledge of, encompassing what lies in the real property records in the county where any given subject property is located.

What is in the real property records can affect the sale and transfer of your property. Between 2003 and 2009, the banks unleashed a massive fury of securitized, subprime mortgages all over America, which netted the banks and sellers of these subprime mortgages over $53,000,000,000,000 (that’s Trillion) and plunged the economy into the brink of disaster in 2008!

A year earlier, Clouded Titles author Dave Krieger started researching the issues surrounding the subprime mortgage industry and its cause and effect scenario on American homeowners. Krieger, a victim of foreclosure, became suspicious when he repeatedly found listings for “MERS” (an acronym for Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc.) in property records all over the country and amassed a virtual library of resources and information he compiled into the book Clouded Titles, which was released in its first version in December of 2010. The book’s current version, which is 432-pages with case citations, was released as the Mayday Edition on May 1, 2014 and is recommended by bankruptcy trustees and attorneys for their clients to read.

Krieger also started compiling detailed research information on the “how to” of chain of title research, writing a book called, COTA Preparer’s Handbook that was designed specifically for people who wanted to help others conduct chain of title research on their respective properties. As the result of his national campaign, Krieger saw the need for a COTA Workbook for Investors, which is complete, but has never been released to the public!

At the peak of his research, Krieger was reading over 2,500 pages of related information a week. His research was so massive, he decided to compile all of it into a 16GB USB flash drive for others to use to save time and money doing their own research. As an investor, time is money and investors need to know how to make chain of title work to their advantage!


Now you can save time and money by taking advantage of all of Krieger’s information!

On September 12-13, 2016, Clouded Titles author Dave Krieger will be teaching his research techniques on chain of title to Lou Brown’s investors groups in Atlanta, Georgia! This is two-days of intense, information-packed, audio-visual displays to sharpen your mind and add to your “Street Smart” senses new tools you can use in your investment strategies to save you money on needless legal expenses!

Not only that… you’ll get a copy of the Clouded Titles – Mayday Edition as part of attending the workshop!

There’s more! Every investor attending the workshop will also get the 204 page COTA Workbook for Investors, never before released and designed specifically for Lou Brown’s “Street Smart” investors!

We’ll make this even more eventful for you!

By attending, each attendee will also receive a 16GB USB Flash Drive containing over 9 years worth of useful research, covering all fields of real property law, including case citations and appellate decisions, reports, research, pleadings, all organized into state-specific archives!



Chain Of Title Overview; COTA Definitions and Terminology

Deeds and Conveyances

Security Instruments

Notary Issues; MERS-Related Issues

Public Records; Research Tools


Powers of Attorney

Addendums & Other Investor Pitfalls

Note & PSA Analysis; SEC Research

Case Studies I (Specific Case Studies)

Case Studies II (Your Case Studies… Bring Them!)

Wait a minute! You get to bring your own chains of title for analysis help? WOW! We’re devoting a segment to take samplings of what you can share for others to learn and benefit from… it’s a win-win strategy for everyone!


“I would highly recommend; with the evolution of the law in this area. It is highly important to get continued updates and to be part of a group to bounce ideas with for the good of the whole process.”

Ken Rodman

“This is one of the only business entities offering a one-stop shop where an attorney can get education, pleadings, research and practice support in the field of foreclosure defense. The attorney networking opportunities provided are very valuable.”

Charles Christmas

“Class was very informative; instructors were great! Information is greatly needed if you are facing foreclosure. They have opened the doors for litigating these cases.”

Rhonda Arellano


This intense two-day Clouded Titles Workshop includes the step-by-step process complete with forms and checklists to implement this amazing strategy for only $1,497.

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