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Thursday 9:45 PM

Confessions of a Real Estate Junkie!

Earn thousands of dollars quickly on each
and every deal in today’s HOT market!

Only a very select few of you will be able to join Lou to see how he bought over 50 properties in a single year and how you can too. Learn as Lou himself, makes his hit list, evaluates the property, visits the property, shows you how he decides on the offer price, makes the offer and buys 1-2 properties PER WEEK. The Street Smart® Affordable Housing Provider Field Training™ Event shows you how to take advantage of today’s record numbers of bank-owned foreclosures.

This special two and a half day training event will give you a unique insight, as this specially designed tour of Atlanta area homes is hosted not only by Lou Brown but he’ll also have his team there to answer all your questions.

Take advantage of Lou’s over 30 years experience as he shares his expertise as a purchaser of properties in today’s market and his perspectives on how you should approach Agents to get them to put your offer on top of others and recommend the bank accept it.

This event not only includes a bus tour to multiple properties but also includes his unique Street Smart® investor tools for buying from banks plus the invaluable tips from his team of Specialists about the best way to approach and foster relationships with sellers, agents and banks in your hometown.

Friday evening you’ll meet the team where you’ll learn how the list is put together on properties to look at and buy the next day. Then early Saturday morning we’ll trek out into the marketplace aboard a luxury motor coach, look at and evaluate the neighborhoods, then look at and evaluate the properties to put together your offer. Next, on Sunday we’ll do it again… going to a number of Lou’s properties where he will show you what to fix and do to get your properties sold lightning fast.

Last time we held this event it was a real eye opener for those people attending as they learned the ins and outs of how to put together a real estate machine. You may even want to buy some of the properties we are looking at. We’ll give you a chance to do this too.

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