Silver Level Coaching

New Coaching Plan from Lou Brown

Many say Real Estate Buying and Selling is a minefield loaded with mines.  One wrong move and you’re out of the game.  How do you walk through a mine field?  There’s only one safe way.  You look for footprints and step right in those.  Someone else made it through safely – and you can too!  Many of you have requested a Support program from us that insures your success.  And we’ve designed what we feel is an unparalleled path for you to follow backed by 30 years of Real Estate experience (and mines that blew up).  This support will insure you don’t go where you could lose out.

I know you want coaching.  Many of you have stated you would really like to get your coaching through me.  I have heard you loud and clear that you want me more directly involved.  Although my time is limited, I do want to help you.  We’ve found what you really want is to get your questions answered.  Therefore, I have established 4 levels to allow me to help you achieve your goals.

Direct Fax or E-mail Q&A – Silver Level Coaching

This allows you to submit questions on all of the above, deals you are working on, marketing methods, etc. for direct answers without having to wait for Group Q&A.  You will receive direct answers and will be included in the Group Q&A (Bronze Program).

$197 month