Are You A Landlord? Let Me Help You With Your Collections! | Lou Brown – Street Smart Investor

Are You A Landlord? Let Me Help You With Your Collections!

Lou Brown has been in the real estate business for more than 40 years. He used to be a landlord thus he knows the struggles that they are going through. In this short video, Lou shares his new system that would greatly help all the landlords.

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Street Smart Real Estate Investing With Lou Brown

Lou Brown:

There is such a powerful and important thing going on right now.” And if you’re like a lot of landlords, you are struggling with certain collections. Now, maybe all of your people are paying and maybe you’re not having any issues at all. Well, let me tell you what I’ve been able to help a lot of people within their businesses. It is a game-changer. It is something different. It is something unique.

It is something that most landlords are not doing. And it is something that I introduced to my team and my licensees several years ago, maybe five, six years ago. And it has transformed a lot of people’s businesses. And that is collections. Now we all know that collections are a part of our business. And certainly if one of our residents does not have the money to pay, well, that’s a problem for us, isn’t it? Because we use their money, of course, to pay our mortgage payments, to pay property taxes, to pay insurance. We use that money to be able to forward the business and sustain the business. And hopefully, there’s enough leftover for you to buy some groceries with it. Some other great things. Well, one of the things that I came up with is the fact that we actually put our residents in a challenging position.

Think about it this way. Every month the rent is due, right? It’s a chunk of money. And for some of our residents, it’s their whole paycheck. They talk about Whole Foods being whole paycheck. No, it’s the rent is the whole paycheck. Now, imagine that there was a solution for that. So I started looking and I’m always looking at my residents. I’m always looking at how I can help them. I’m always looking at how I can support them. I’m always looking at how I can make their life better. And one of the unique things I developed was a way to actually get direct deposit from their job. So what that means is if your residents are paid weekly or biweekly, well, they’ve got that income coming in. Now imagine this, that every month, excuse me, every pay period, a certain amount is taken out of their pay and direct deposited into your bank account.

And this is one of the big solutions. I’m looking at your paycheck, I’m looking at your income and thinking about how we can create a distinction in your world that will cause your world to be safer and better. And here’s what can happen. Now, imagine, we see what the government does, right? On W-2 income. They take their portion before you ever see your pay. Well, that’s a pretty good project. That’s a pretty good program. Why not you doing the same thing where you propose to your residents, “Hey, every pay period, there’s an amount coming out that’s direct deposited into our account and we’re giving you credit for that.” Now, think of it this way. What if your rent is a thousand dollars a month? Now? What if, now, every pay period $500 is paid directly to you? Well, what does that do?

In 12 months, you’ve collected your whole paycheck. In fact, you’ve collected 13 months when you’ve collected it at $500, every pay period, if they’re paid every two weeks, which a whole lot of people are. Now, we think of it this way, that you got 26 paychecks coming in, instead of 12 checks coming in, you got 26. What does that do for your resident? Well, we tell our resident, we’re actually over-collecting by doing it this way. And here’s, what’s good for you. By the end of a year, we’ve actually got an extra month on hand. Now we can use that extra month as a lifesaver account. And what that does for you is, if you ever hit a bump in the road, it hit a job loss, you hit a snag where you just can’t make the payment that month. It’s not a problem because we already have a month on hand.

And after two years, you got two months on hand. And after three years, you got three months on hand. Well, what can they do with that money? That now becomes money that they can use if you want to sell the property to them. So that’s another thing we do on our Path To Home Ownership Plan, right? We want our residents to have the opportunity to buy your house or a different house. We’re helping them to build up their credit. We’re helping them to build up their down payment. We’re helping them to build up a future. So if you’ve helped them to now accumulate that extra month per year, that’s money that can be used for down payment. And we tell them, “This is your money. We can gift this to you, give this to you, whatever the case may be.” But they’ve got money on hand to protect their future. And you’ve got money on hand to protect your future as well. So hopefully you love that idea. And there’s many more actually that I share with you at our trainings.