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What is owner financing?

What other options do you have when your bank says no to you?

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Listen to our Podcast:

Street Smart Real Estate Investing With Lou Brown

Scott Paton:

One of our viewers was excited about the owner-financing information. Can you explain what owner financing is? Because in my mind, it’s when I’m an owner, I need financing. I go to the bank because that’s the only thing I’ve ever been taught. If you want money in a mortgage, where do you go? You go to the bank. And, of course, that is the only way to get your money, right, Lou?

Lou Brown:

That’s a great point. I was at a charity function on Saturday night and it was for autism and the spectrum. And where participants in that, in terms of being donors, and what have you. And we were invited there. And one of the people there, her son, three years old is on the spectrum, talking to her. She works for, let’s say, one of the largest banks. She’s been with them for 12 years. And she said, you know, one of the things I was talking to her about as well, we take all your leftovers. So everybody that you can’t qualify, I said, “Does it ever happen? You, as a banker, does it ever happen where you can’t qualify for?” She says, “All the time!” And I said, “So they’ve got you in a box, right?” And she said, “That’s exactly right.”

She said, “We cannot go outside the box. They give us, they give us scripts. They give, they tell us, never, never, never go out of this box right here.” And she said, “There’s so many people that we turned down”. I said, “Well, all we’re interested in is your leftovers, everybody that you cannot help, we can possibly help.” And with our programs, she was so thrilled with what I was sharing with her. In fact, she’s going to be coming to my Wealth Builder Workshop on the 10th of July and her mother, as well, was there and she’s coming, as well. But one of the things she told me is that she is absolutely in the box and can’t do anything else. So Scott, the question is, what about owner-financing? So many people are kicked out of the box and they’re told we can’t help you because you’re not inside the box.

You don’t fit these four corners, these parameters. Well, what we can do in our world is we can lend our equity. So when we lend our equity, that is owner financing. That’s the owner of the property, given the opportunity, the person that’s moved in to pay principal, interest, taxes, and insurance, very similar to a mortgage. And we give something called an “agreement for deed.” Now, agreement for deed works similar to a car. Whenever you buy a car and you get it financed, they let you drive the car. They let you use the car. They let you insure the car, but they keep the title to the vehicle until you pay them off. Well, this works exactly the same way. We allow people to move into the property. They make their payments. As long as they make their payments, when they finish making their payments or they refinance and get a new loan from the bank, they pay us off.

At that time, we give them the deed to the property and that works out magnificently well for all parties involved, you know, it’s just been a great process that we’ve been able to help people to end up with home ownership. One of the folks I was looking at just this week, he bought his property from us last year and we gave him, you know, exactly what he agreed to on his option. We gave him that option. He exercised his option to buy. We gave him owner financing and now that property is worth $50,000 more than what we sold it to him for. So that’s another example. I’ve given you another example on this same session, but, basically, it’s a great opportunity for people to advance themselves. And it’s a great opportunity for you as an investor, as well, because now that client that’s living in the home is taking on all the responsibilities of repairs, just like every homeowner does, right?

Every homeowner has the responsibility, if their air-conditioning goes out, they got to call a repairman and get their air-conditioning fixed. If the loop, the roof leaks, they got to get a roofer in there to repair the roof. Well, that’s what we’re doing with these folks. We’re giving them the opportunity at home ownership. We’re providing our equity as their funding for the purchase of the home, and they’re paying us instead of paying the bank. And it, anytime in that process, they can use their newfound credit and their built-up credit and their improved credit to now qualify for a loan at the bank. And that now they can get a new loan, hopefully at a lower interest rate now that they’ve built up their credit. So it’s a real opportunity for people. And thank you, Erica, for the question, owner financing is a really great thing. And it’s a really great thing for an investor. It’s a really great thing for the customer that might use that financing, as well.