Volume 1 Buying

Volume 1: Buying

How to Make Real Money in Real Estate

Discover how and where to find the best deals, buy property with the least effort, and how to quickly make the most money on your real estate purchases. This extensive training on the “Ins-and-Outs” of buying real estate will provide you with the techniques, tools, resources, and ideas on how to get started... and keep going in the real estate investment business.


  • Learn which properties to buy and which to avoid
  • Negotiate the best deals with the least effort
  • Identify niche opportunities and maximize your profits
  • Ready made forms and documents
  • Proven techniques to make more money, faster



  • 192 Page Guidebook
  • 12 Audio CDs or your choice of media
  • Complete Forms disc

“No one else has this information or these skills, technique, this training really sets you high above the rest!”

Shemiah Schene, FL

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Volume 1 - Buying

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