Volume 10 Owner Financing

Volume 10: Owner Financing

Making Money Using the Owner Financing Technique

Discover how to leverage Owner Financing to close more deals and maximize your profits. This course includes a complete system of forms, tools and information specifically designed for Buying and Selling Real Estate using the “Agree- ment for Deed” technique that creates a fool proof system to both buy and sell real estate without giving the buyer a deed while giving all of the tax advantages of ownership.


  • Learn how to buy and sell without traditional financing
  • Avoid the cost and delay of foreclosure
  • Save points and closing costs
  • No need for credit or bank delays
  • Increase your profit margins on every deal



  • 142 Guidebook
  • 4 Audio CDs or your choice of media
  • Complete Forms disc

"The amount of learning is enormous. The emphasis on teaching you to become wealthy doing real estate is a huge shift from other seminars."

Cynthia Walker, CA

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