Volume 12 BODS & Selling

Volume 12: Buy Offers & Deal Structure

Making Money Using Deal Structuring Techniques
Overview This complete 6 hour Seminar Audio CD Set includes TWO professionally recorded “How-To” seminars (with guidebook winning offers to lenders, create deals within deals, sell properties quickly and much more, using the right contracts and to protect yourself from unscrupulous sellers and buyers. Benefits
  • Learn how to use zero interest financing
  • How to structure win-win deals
  • Sell properties with speed and ease
  • Protect yourself from unscrupulous sellers and buyers
  • Multiple easy to remember ways to structure your deals
Volume_12_Buy_Offers_and_Deal_Structure Includes:
  • 73 Page Guidebook
  • 4 Audio CDs or your choice of media
"Lou offers the whole package from beginning to the end including mate- rials on legal trusts, the list goes on."

Joanne Herbert, MA

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