Hi, it’s Lou Brown. I’m back with another detail on our upcoming event. Massive Passive Income. Where we’re going to spend four days together on what to do and how to do it to build an amazing cash flow generation business.

Something that I’m art learned early in the game is the buy and sell flipping model doesn’t really give you any kind of future, but the Buy Hold Sell Model is the real solution to property management, to buying right, to being able to sell right with the maximum cash flow. And one of the things that I’ve learned over those years is that we can give people an opportunity for their future. Now, we developed over time a program called the path to home ownership and by giving our residents, our prospects the opportunity to do more than just rant because we are more than just land lords. Now, land lords typically only offer their property for rent and that means the tenant can only rent, they don’t have any other options in life.

They don’t have any other options. Now, maybe they may be looking forward to their future and maybe they may be improving their credit and maybe they may be saving up down payment money for the eventual opportunity to buy a home. But in our case, we’re actually bridging that gap. We give our clients that move in, even if they move in at the rent level, we give them the opportunity to someday end up with home ownership. We call it The Path To Home Ownership. And we even give them a book, it’s called Never Pay Rent Again. Where we give them the opportunity to see what their future can look like, we give them the opportunity to have a dream, a vision, and a plan to be able to get there. If they have less than perfect credit, we put them into a credit restoration program or we give them an opportunity to find one somewhere so that they can improve their score and be able to move themselves up.

It’s all about the score, baby. It’s all about the score and never more important than it is right now with this whole Corona virus thing going on. This, the banks give it with low interest rates, but they take it away because they just raised the score that you have to have to even be able to qualify for home. So now it’s even more important that people have a good score. We help our people to do that. We actually, every month that they pay on time, that is reported to the credit Bureau. In fact, they pay through a third party collector that reports it directly to all three credit bureaus and we set it up so that they can have another trade line of credit and help build up their score. That is so important even for landlords because when they have a good score, their costs are lower.

They can afford your payment every month. I love to share this with you. It’s a big cash flow generator because your people moving in are not giving you a security deposit. They’re giving you either a move in fee or an option fee or a down payment and they’re putting themselves in a position to be able to purchase that home or another home in the future. It’s a great add-on to what you already may be doing in managing property. I want to share that with you. We’ve got an event coming up. It’s called Massive Passive Income. I love it because it really is developing a future for you, developing a retirement plan for you and your family to be able to have a legacy. If something happens to you, they’re going to be able to receive an income for forever and so it’s a real opportunity. I want to share that with you.

Call 1-800-578-8580 1-800-578-8580 we’re going to be doing a four day event. Now this is a live stream event. The comfort of your own home, no planes, trains or automobiles, no expense of a hotel, no expense of a travel. You’re going to be working from home. I’m going to be working from home. I’m going to be teaching you this. Everything I know about buying, holding, and selling property. This is not the buying class. This is the holding and selling class. We’re going to be spending four days just to develop the right way for you to structure your business. Now, where I’m going to take you through the forms, the formats, the formulas, everything that we use that develops a beautiful cash flow machine. Now we’re going to do this together. 1-800-578-8580. Find out about our Corona Virus special.

We’ve got things in store to help you be successful in this business. Listen, Property Management is not cognitive. It’s not in your genes. It’s something that is learned. Proper Property Management equals success. Most people who don’t learn the right way to do it are going to pay for it one way or another. You are going to pay for it, so why not get it right? Get it right from somebody that’s been in this business for over 40 years of buying, holding, and selling property, and definitely over a thousand section eight residents. I can teach you a lot of things about Property Management. I want you to join me, so I will see you at the event. Yeah, baby!