Hi, it’s Lou Brown. I am back with some more details about our upcoming event, Massive Passive Income. I’ve got another story to tell you about some interesting people I’ve had in my life and screening residents is so important. It’s a key factor in being successful in owning properties long-term. You know when you do good screening, when you manage that process yourself, I know that sometimes people outsource that and frankly that’s not the best idea. What I’ve discovered is you have to be very much a detective. You have to look at, well now I’m hearing what these people are saying, but what if it’s not true? What if they are saying? Eh, you need to question everything, verify all assumptions. There are people, I’ve been amazed at. Now, remember, I’ve been managing properties now for over 40 years, so there’s a lot that I’ve seen over those four decades of managing people and it’s interesting to see how con people operate.

They’re very convincing and they’ve got a great story to tell and it just sounds wonderful and it sounds like you’re going to profit. So your greed gland goes off and you say, my gosh, they’ve got this and they’ve got that. One of the big tale signs that you’ve got to be careful of is when people have that green cash, you know they want to hand you the money and you want to take the money cause you’ve got a vacancy right? Then why not say I and I take a chance on this? Don’t take a chance. Please don’t take a chance. Because once someone gets control, once people get occupancy of that property, they can be devilish to get out of there. So I want you to be very careful, it really depends on what state you’re in as well. Certain States make it very difficult to get people out of the property. And the judge doesn’t really care or listen that closely to the fact that you’ve been con.

So it can take you weeks, months, very extensive periods of time. Frankly, to be honest with you, this is one of the places that we buy property is from burned-out landlords that did not know that Property Management is a learned skill. You must learn the skills to be a good property manager and to be successful at this. So whether you have one property, a hundred properties, a thousand properties. By the way, we have licensees of our system that have all of that. We have people with over a thousand units that do our system that loves our system and we have people that get started with us. They don’t even have any units, but they want to learn how to do this right. They want to learn how to be successful in this business. And one bad Apple, my friends can spoil the whole bunch. They can take you out of the game and this is way too good of a game to get taken out of.

So I want you to be very cautious and careful that there is a process. It reminds me of a couple that tried to move in. They worked at the U-hall center. They moved in. Guess what? Their son? No, no. It was her brother that was an attorney, and so he was giving them advice about how they could claw down and stay in the property while they conned us into accepting a check, on their way to six flags with the grandchildren, all this sort of thing. Oh my gosh, we didn’t get the certified funds and I smelled a rat and sure enough, Monday morning when I could verify the check, of course, it was a bad check over the weekend. They didn’t go to six flags. They moved into our property and it was a nightmare and I learned some very valuable lessons with that.

First of all, you get paid real money before anybody moves in, no checks, no promises of money. We get real money, we get really good background checks. I’m going to teach all of that to you at the Massive Passive Income event. Now we have a four-day event coming up on April 30th, May 1, 2, and 3. Very important, critical to your success in this business. If you want to have a cash flow generating life-changing business that can create retirement accelerators and a retirement plan for you. This could not be better. This is more important to you than anything, so I’m going to encourage you absolutely. To get there. It’s called massive passive income. Call 1-800-578-8580… 1-800-578-8580 and we’re going to do this together. Yeah, baby.