Hi, it’s Lou Brown. I’m back with another one of my details of the upcoming event called Massive Passive Income. Where I teach you how to, how to hold these properties long-term, and how to make the most income you can off the property.

Now, one of the things that we’ve developed over time is the number of services that we provide to our residents and they pay for those things. It’s similar to they would be paying somebody else, but now you’ve brought it in-house and so now they can pay through you and they can pay to you and it brings in additional cash flow. Now, most property managers don’t know about these things and the funny thing is that every month your resident is paying for a cell phone bill. They may be paying for security monitoring, they may be paying for internet, they may be paying for gas and electricity. Of course, they are. They’re paying for all of that stuff. Why not get your slice of the pie, direct dish TV, any of those things are, guest what? Commissionable to the person that signs him up Well. How about you be the one to sign them up?

That’s one of the things I’m going to be teaching you at Massive Passive Income. So what we’ve developed is that for every, say four properties that you’ve got, it’s like having a fifth property without the headaches and the ownership issues just simply because you’ve got additional cash flow off of each property. Now we set our residents up for success, not for failure, and we have incentives built into our paperwork and our plan to incentivize good behavior. Now, what’s good behavior, what they agreed to at the beginning, so the in those incentives, if they ever don’t pay on time, if they don’t do what they were supposed to do, what they agreed to do, then yes, there are payouts to you for that additional management, the additional headaches that it takes, the lack of cash flow because they didn’t pay you on time. Now you might have to borrow funds, put things on credit cards.

You have expenses as well. So what we’ve been able to do is develop some things and some paperwork that can make it much easier for you to manage your property. Now I’m going to be giving you a whole manual full of good stuff and this is Massive Passive Income baby. And this is what I’m going to be covering now for four days and it’s going to be April 30th, May 1, 2, and 3. So that’s four days where we’re going to be together. I’m going to be literally working through this. Now, this is going to be live streaming, you and me, you’re going to be able to see the information right before your eyes. No travel necessary, no cost of an airplane, no cost of a hotel, none of that stuff. We’re going to be doing this together and yes, I’m going to be recording this and I’m going to have those up for two months after the event.

So you’ll be able to go back. Anything that you missed or you needed to hear again, you’re not going to lose that. You’re going to be able to tap right into it. And that’s an added bonus that I’ve just added. So you may not see it on the website or when we talked to you about it. So call the office 1-800-578-8580 that’s 1-800-578-8580. I want to help you to be able to advance your business. Now, only do this class one time per year. I’ve been doing this class for 20 years. I only do this class one time per year. So it’s important that you get involved in this. This is 80% of our wealth wheel baby, and it’s all about Massive Passive Income where we teach you how to create income to get out of the job and how to create income by using tax benefits, and how to create income by being the bank. Rather than sending your people to the bank, you can be the bank, create retirement accelerators for yourself, pay down, pay off your mortgages, increase your cash flow with additional profit centers that we’ve got built into the system. You’re going to have that all built into your paperwork as well. So join me at 1-800-578-8580 and I’m looking forward to seeing you there. Yeah, baby!