Show the seller what it will cost them to sell their home the traditional way or the typical way. All right, when I’m making a presentation to the seller, one of the things we do is a thing called a cost to sell worksheet. We actually share with the seller what those costs are. We talk about the real estate commission. If they were to list their home, we talk about closing costs, we talk about repairs to the property, all the different aspects of what it will cost them to sell their home, and if they were to move. Let’s say they’re being transferred to another state, then that’s another cost that has to be considered as well.

They’ve got to pay for someone to mow the grass. They’ve got to keep the utilities on. There are many different added expenses that they may not have even considered. So when I’m showing them by already knowing what their issue is, what their challenges, then I’m also showing them, hey, this is what this is actually going to cost you, and it really helps them to understand. First of all, you’re not, you’re not pulling the wool over their eyes. You’re telling them the truth about what their expenses would be and that’s why I love our process.

We call, call it the cost to sell worksheet, but it really illustrates to the seller exactly what their situation is. Well, this is all covered in my system called negotiations and this is available on It does come with cds that walk you through the different personality types. What to say, how to say it. It might be of big benefit to you.