Hi! it’s Lou Brown. With another one of my 101 amazing ways for real estate investors like you to win, close more deals, and accelerate your cash flow. Today’s tip is number 29. Ask questions. Don’t talk. Now, what does that mean? Ask questions. Don’t talk. Well listen, you start running your mouth then all of a sudden you can actually talk over the possibilities. So whenever I’m with a seller, I think to myself, how can I ask a question and discover more? Mr. & Mrs. Jones, how long have you owned the property? No kidding. Now the loan that’s on the property currently, is that the original loan that you took out at the time that you purchased the property, or have you refinanced that along the way or adjusted that mortgage along the way? Oh, no kidding! Now tell me, have you ever updated the, say the air conditioning system or the roof or the appliances, or has anything been updated in the house?

Really? What is that? Then wait. And always think to yourself, wait, wait for an answer. They may need some time to think. And they might not have thought of yet what they should do or how they would do it. And so you give them time. And if you see that they’re thinking, don’t interrupt, don’t come up with another thing, or don’t help him either, because sometimes they’re going to say things that you had no idea that they would say. So listen, ask questions, and listen.

I hope you enjoy this and you’re going to use it. I know that it’s gonna make a difference for you and your profits. I’d love to share more about my profitable free tips with you. How can you get more? Well, simply depending on where you’re seeing this, please do like it or love it, comment on it, subscribe. And please do share this with your friends and family as well. Yeah, baby! Thank you for watching. I look forward to seeing you soon. Yeah, baby!

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