Never Pay Rent Again – Path to Home Ownership

Never Pay Rent Again – Path to Home Ownership

Still dreaming of owning your own home, but afraid you won’t qualify? Wondering how to buy a house with non-traditional methods? You are not alone. There are more than 100 million families in America that don’t own their own home. Nearly 80% of Americans cannot qualify for a traditional bank loan. This presents a significant barrier to advancing the ideals of owning a slice of the American dream.

Stop throwing your money away and get started on the Path to Home Ownership today. Our Certified Affordable Housing Providers ® can teach you how to buy a house or how to rent to own based on what you can comfortably afford.

The Path to Home Ownership ® program was designed to help individuals and families like yours achieve affordable home ownership. Our Certified Affordable Housing Providers are trained experts in helping responsible renters to become home owners in less time by providing housing options where the housing payments are less than 1/3rd of a family’s combined monthly income. This method helps your family achieve affordable housing that you can sustain long term helping you on your own Path to Home Ownership.

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Blake C. Pace

Lou Brown’s latest book puts everything together for the person or family that wants to own a home but fears that they cannot. Introducing Path to Home Ownership and Certified Affordable Housing Providers to people wanting their own part of the American Dream, and explaining Real Estate jargon in easy-to-digest ways, reading this book will inspire and excite people into making their dreams come true.

Money Machine Exposed™

Money Machine Exposed™

Friend, You’ve made a VERY smart decision by taking advantage of this offer! This ebook and audio recording contain some of my VERY best secrets… strategies I have used for over 40 years to profit in real estate.
These aren’t tired, old, outdated secrets either. I still use these exact tips every day – AND I have taught them to thousands of people – people just like you, who now use them to create wealth. So, take them and use them with my compliments. With the right focus and effort, you too can become real estate millionaire in a year or less!

My team and I will be here to help you all the way.

Doing Good While Doing Well™

Doing Good While Doing Well™

For more than 30 years as a business mentor and trainer, Lou Brown has been helping families achieve the American dream of home ownership while also helping real estate investors build wealth as entrepreneurs. For the first time, Lou reveals how investors can do good while also doing well in his long awaited book. Discover the investment strategies that have been proven to work in every real estate market in the country. You will learn the strategies firsthand as told by the investors in their own words. Find out how they buy properties with little or no cash; put families on the path to home ownership and how everyone benefits from working with Certified Affordable Housing Providers. Find out how real estate investors are doing good while also doing well.

Donald R Williams

The experiences are very encouraging. It is good to see a system in action that helps the investor as well as families that want a home of their own. I have talked to some of the writers in this book in person and know they are real.

I recommend this book for anyone investing in real estate, wanting to invest in real estate, wanting to purchase their own home, and community leaders wanting to revive neighborhoods in their city.

We can always learn something new, and make a difference in someone’s life.

Buy Hold Sell: The Street Smart® Way to Real Estate Wealth™

Buy Hold Sell: The Street Smart® Way to Real Estate Wealth™

Hi! Lou Brown here, and I want you to know that this book reveals HOW you can have the business and the life you DREAMED of when you first imagined making money with real estate.

I’ve been buying, holding, and selling properties for forty-plus years. During those years I’ve learned how to make the business of real estate work for myself and countless others. I’ve also learned what doesn’t work.

In this book, I’m going to share with you the things to watch out for and the simple adjustments to make that will allow you to work less, earn more, and have the time freedom to enjoy a lifestyle that you love. If right now, that seems impossible… grab this book, and let’s get started.

I wrote it for you!

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Keith Barrand

Do you dream of wealth, but have no idea how to get there? Then read this book. You’ll learn what a successful real estate investment business looks like, and how YOU can build one. This book summarizes the components of this business.

Over the last 40+ years Lou has built an amazing business. As he went along, he learned from mistakes and documented what WORKED. The result is the Street-Smart system. You won’t learn it all in this book, but you’ll see how to “think Street Smart” and learn many ways to make deals you didn’t think were possible. There are lots of real, detailed examples. I recommend anyone interested in real estate read this book!