Hi! It’s Lou Brown. With another of my 101 ways for real estate investors like you to win, close more deals, and accelerate your cash flow. Today’s tip is number 33. Alright, so, before you say what you’ll pay, ask them what they are earning on their money. Then offer to increase that. Now, what do I mean by that? Well, so many folks have their money sitting in bank accounts right now, lots of it, and it’s just sitting there earning 0.0 something percent, which is zero. In fact, because of inflation, inflation has averaged 3% over the last 20 years according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2.94% to be accurate. Then anyone who’s earning less than that is really going backward. Now imagine that you can step in as a real estate investor and you can offer them something like what the banks charge, for example. So if you were to go to the bank as an A credit borrower and borrow at today’s rates, look at that rate.

How great that is. Well, imagine that you could offer that to Mrs. Jones, who’s got our money sitting in the bank account right now, earning 0.0 something percent and she can put her money to work, helping deserving families end up with homeownership. Isn’t that a noble and valuable thing? And what I found out is many lenders care what they do with their money. They care what their money is going to be used for. And doesn’t it make sense for you to give them that opportunity and that option? Well, we’ve got a script for that, what to say, how to say it. And once you learn this valuable thing, it’s all there sitting ready for you. And in fact, when you look at your contact list in your phone, you’re gonna find that there are people that absolutely love this. So get the script. There’s more about this.

And in fact, there’s a lender presentation kit at StreetSmartInvestor.com and click on tools and then look up the lender presentation kit. I think you’ll find that valuable. I hope you have enjoyed this. I know that you will use this. It’s really going to make a difference in your profits. I’ve never been to the bank, I’ve never qualified for a loan. I’d love to share more of my profitable tips with you. How can you do that? Well, simply by when you see this, as it. Love it. Subscribe to it. Let others know about it. And thank you for watching and I hope to see you soon. Yeah, baby!

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