I’m back with another of my 101 street smart cashflow accelerators and I’ve got one for your number 54 charge pet rant. Yeah baby. So not only, and I’ve been talking about in this series of managing your properties and additional profit centers that you can arm, we’ve identified over 25 different profit centers or additional income you can earn over and above what your regular mortgage versus the rent is. That little profit right there, but this is over and above money that you can make in your great real estate business. And we’ve developed these over 40 years of being in this business. It is great because people don’t resist you on these things. They love you. You’re giving them an opportunity. One of the things that we do is we offer our path to home ownership program to our potential buyers and it’s so exciting because they’re gearing towards ownership of a property and we want them to treat that property like it was theirs.

We want them to have pets if they want pet. Now we limit it to two and we want to know what kind of pets those are and we definitely want to vet those pets. People want to know that there’s something that we’re not going to be afraid of if we come over to visit them at their house. And there’s probably a very good reason that we might be visiting them, their house inspection for example, of how they’re taking care of the property and also, you know, are they changing their filters? And also we might have to stop by from time to time that they’re not paying their payment on time. So we don’t need it frightened away by the type of methods there, but we charge pet rent now that’s anywhere from 15 to $25 per pet per month and that’s additional income to you on your business. So absolutely positively do that. Now that needs to be built into the agreement. We have a standard rental agreement loaded with profit centers and protection volume two selling and holding. It’s located there as well as volume eight property management.