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Lou is doing something phenomenal for real estate agents.

What motivates the real estate agents? What if they can receive both sides of the commission? Not just the listing side but also the selling side of the commission. Well, this is one of the things that Lou is doing with the real estate agents lately.

We all know that real estate agents often see properties that never get listed become most people don’t want to go through the painful process of a traditional listing.

Watch this video and see how Lou can assist you to eliminate this dreadful process of a traditional listing and selling.

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Listen to our Podcast:

Hi, it’s Lou Brown. And I’ve got something very interesting for you. If you’re a real estate agent or, you know a real estate agent, or you’re a real estate investor, this will be of interest to you as well, because what I’m doing with real estate agents these days is phenomenal. It is great for them, and it’s great for us as well. Now we all know that real estate agents often see properties that never get listed only because the people make a decision. Hey, I just don’t want to go through the pain and suffering of a traditional listing. And the other thing that motivates real estate agents is that, what if you could get both sides of the commission, not just the listing side of the commission, but you could also get the selling side of the commission. Well, that’s one of the things I’ve been doing with real estate agents lately is just to let them know who we are and what we do, and the fact that we can come in and purchase properties from them often only 24 hours notice.

So what I’m telling agents is look, how would you love to get both sides of the commission, the listing side and the selling side. Here’s all I’m asking you to do. Hey, you’re going to be listing the property. You know, it takes a little while to show up in the MLS. Anyway, give me a shot at it. Let me come over. View the property, meet with your seller. See if we can go ahead and eliminate the whole process of the listing and selling and just go ahead and purchase the property and eliminate all the other expenses. Well, sure enough, that has been working out very well for me. And one, I just did that you’ll see in just moment is a great example. So the real estate agent knew me and that’s one of the other things I teach you is getting connected to the community, making a connection with all the people in the community that are shakers and movers, but there’s always somebody that’s gonna sell.

There’s always somebody that needs to buy. There’s always something where you can be present at the time that they just need to get rid of a piece of property. And so this person, real estate agent knows me and he said, Hey, I’ve just got this listing. I’m going to take it to Lou. Sure enough. I looked at the property. I said, yes, we can do that deal. Gave him an offer. We went back and forth. We negotiated back and forth, never put in anything in writing, until we finally got down to the final agreement. Sure enough, put that in writing. And we were able to close on that property within seven days. So, the real estate agent was thrilled. Number one, because they got the listing commission. Number two, because they got the selling commission too. So was a full 6% that the real estate agent, got over $7,000 in commission. And number three, got it within seven days of our agreement. So that’s something to definitely offer to real estate agents in your area. But also it’s something that as a real estate investor, you definitely want to get connected with real estate agents because they are conduits for great deals. Take a look at this house.

All right. Well, I hope you enjoyed that tour of Columbia Woods. And that one is just a great example of one thing that led to another, that led to another, obviously the house needs repairs. That’s another reason that someone might want to work with you instead of doing it the traditional way, because traditional buyers are looking for houses that are already done in many cases. Of course in our Street Smart way of doing business, we find buyers that don’t need everything all fixed and they’ll come take the property as is, or we’ll do some things. They’ll do the other things and the things that they agree to do, they get credit for towards their down payment. So, that’s another unique thing we do in our Path to Home Ownership Program. So, there’s some unique ways that we do business and I’d love to work with you. If you’re a real estate agent and you’d like to have another stream of income, boy, we have got a phenomenal one where we hold onto the properties and we offer people the opportunity at home ownership at a later date.

Typically the people we’re working with have less than perfect credit. So, we’re able to work with them over time to get that improved to the point that they can get a brand new loan from the bank, or we act as the bank. I’d love to teach you the whole process. It works out phenomenal. And one of the greatest things for real estate agents is it provides residual income. And that’s one thing that real estate agents don’t have typically is a retirement plan. Well, this is a definite retirement plan because it can pay you for the next 40 years. And wouldn’t that be a beautiful thing. So come see me. My name is Lou Brown. I’m called the You can check out Learn more about who we are, what we do. Love to see you at an upcoming event. Yeah, baby!