Today’s tip is number 20 control the closing. You choose the attorney or title company and include that in the contract. Now, one of the things I’ve found is whenever I let the seller control where the closing is going to be, or if I let a real estate agent control where the closing is going to be, I’ve found that I have to go through some pain and suffering and in getting in a relationship with this new closing agent or attorney. So I’ve found that my life is a lot better if I have my own team and in my contracts, I tell the seller where the closing is going to be. Or I’ll tell the real estate agent where the closing is going to be.

Why? Because they understand us, they know us, and if there’s ever a problem in the future like maybe they made a mistake in the title search, you’re never going to hear about it. They’re going to take care of business. They’re going to take care of you and let’s face it, money makes the world goes go round. These agencies love their fees and they especially love people that bring them to repeat business, so find someone in your local area that can do that or use one of our national title search companies and title research companies. We’ve got an opportunity for you there. It’s called street smart, forward slash title, Wiz, t, I, t, l, e, W, I. Z. But do find someone that can be on your team that can close these transactions for you and understand how we closed transaction. We do some unique things in our world.

One is that we always take title to our properties in trust. I’m going to be teaching you that in another one of the series is so I hope that you enjoy what I’ve taught you. I hope you use it. I know that it will make a difference in your profits. I’d love to share more of my profitable free tips with you.

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