Community Land Trusts

Privacy, Protection, Probate Avoidance, and even PROFITS!

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Hi! It’s Lou Brown. The question is, do Community Land Trusts work? Well, they absolutely do. And it can be an amazing benefit to a local community when certain property is purchased and put into a trust where it’s overseen by the community. And it certainly can be a benefit. And something that you should think about. Now, one of the things that I always advise people is first get your own house in order. Get your own properties into a trust. And my favorite vehicle is a thing called a Land Trust. Now, a land trust can be used by individuals, or it can be used by communities.

As an individual. You will be moving your property from your name into the trust name. Now that can provide some huge benefits. I call it the 4Ps. Privacy. Protection. Probate Avoidance. And even Profits. Because of the decision to move it into that wonderful thing called Land Trust.

Now, know this. There’s about 30 different kinds of trusts out there. So different trusts do different things, just because you hear the term trust doesn’t mean that you have the appropriate vehicle. And so certainly a Land Trust can be an awesome benefit because there’s some things that the Land Trust does that other types of trusts do not do. And one of those being that the property can be held in the Land Trust. But the beneficial interest is actually converted to personal property.

And I can teach you more about this. So I’ve got in fact, a wonderful little book it’s on trusts. It’s right here. And I’ll give you a free download for that. So wherever you saw this, down below or up here in the corner, just click on that and I’ll give you a link to be able to download that and look forward to seeing you soon. Yeah, baby!