Do Irrevocable Trusts Avoid Probate?

My name is Lou Brown and I’ve been doing trusts now since 1984. My answer is if you set it up correctly, then definitely irrevocable trusts avoid probate.

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Hi! My name’s Lou Brown. I’ve been doing trusts now since 1984. And I can tell you, one of the questions people ask me is, do irrevocable trusts avoid probate? My answer for you is they certainly can avoid probate. If you’ve set it up correctly, if you’ve moved the assets into the trust, then definitely an irrevocable trust will avoid probate. Now, one of the things that does happen though, is people get to that point of actually passing assets onto heirs. Let’s say that they were passed on, now the heirs have those assets, but they were never told that their trust could actually avoid probate. Perhaps the attorney wanted to earn some extra money. And so they went ahead and probate the estate anyway. Isn’t that interesting?

I’ve actually heard stories about people that inherit properties actually in the trust. And then the attorney has them take it out of the trust, put it in their own names. Still go through a full probate of the estate. No good reason for that. So be careful that your family is aware that the assets are in trust or certainly that you’ve left behind some instructions for them so that they are aware they don’t have to go through the expense, the confusion, the delay. That does come with having to have a will probated or having a trust probated. It’s just unnecessary.

And one of the great benefits for using trusts, I’ve been using trusts since 1984. I love, love, love, trust. I think it’s the best entity on the planet that most people don’t know about. So thank you for asking the question. Hopefully that was a value to you. Got a little book here. It’s called the Privacy Protection Probate Avoidance And Profits available using trusts. You can download a free copy by going to that’s free. And also you can learn more about our upcoming event or my home study course on trusts. So see you soon. Yeah, baby!