Hi, it’s Lou Brown. I’m back with another of my 101 cash flow accelerators to help you accelerate the cash and your business and one of the things that I’ve always learned is that when you sign a contract with the contractor, you better be sure that you say when they’re going to get that job done. Not only that but what makes us think that’s going to happen? How many crew sizes are they going to have on the project and what times of the day can you expect to see them there? So in my independent contractor services agreement, I’ve actually built in when they have to be there X number of days per week and during the hours of X and Y to be sure that I can expect to see them, I can drive by at any time and see them and know that the contract is being fulfilled and that my job is going to be done on time. What is typical is that contractors run on to another job and another job and another job. They get deposits from a variety of different people and they go start working on all those different projects, tearing things out, and getting them, the owner pretty much committed to them to have to finish the project. While I’ve been very careful to make sure that they’re going to get on my job, stay on my job, get my job done. Well, hopefully, that has been helpful to you. You can find out more about that at StreetSmartInvestor.com click on tools and click on renovations, Volume 11 and I hope this has been helpful. Like it. Love it. Share it, and I’ll see you soon. Yeah, baby.

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