How Can Trusts Be Used In Estate Planning?

This is the best thing on the planet!

There’s so much benefit that so many people do not know even attorneys and CPAs.

The secrets are hidden out in the open and is available for everyone.

I’m here to teach you the right way in estate planning.

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I hope to see you soon. Yeah, baby!

So, hi! It’s Lou Brown. I’ve been asked. How can trust be used for estate planning? Oh my goodness! It’s the best thing on the planet. Now, why do I say that? I’ve been using and studying trusts since 1983. And what I’ve discovered is there is so much benefits and so many benefits that most people do not know, including in this interesting attorneys and CPAs don’t even know the true power of trusts. It’s like a hidden secret. And I say that the secrets are hidden out in the open and they’re available for everyone who has knowledge. Knowledge is power. So once you learn that trusts can provide privacy, they can provide protection, they can provide probate avoidance, and they can provide profits. This is an amazing thing that, like I said, most people don’t know anything about. So I want to teach those to you directly.

We have a home study course. We also have a four day live event where I teach you step by step inch by inch. You literally bring your deed to class. You bring a title to class. You learn how to transfer assets into trust. But more importantly, you learn why trusts. What trusts are. How they work. How to do all the details. Identify who the trustee. Who the successor trustee. Who the beneficiary. Who the successor beneficiaries are. And all the different details about how to set up your trust.

Literally, this is something you can do yourself. You can have it once you get it all set up, you can have it reviewed by a local attorney, but once you have that done, you have the peace of mind because there’s many different decisions that have to be made that are not legal decisions. They are detailed decisions about yourself and your life. And so as a result of doing it this way, you have created an amazing estate plan. And that’s what we’re here to teach you is the right way to do estate planning. That absolutely serves you while you’re living and serves your family after you’re gone. Whomever you choose to get those assets. So I look forward to seeing you, I’ve got an upcoming event called Maximum Asset Shield. You can see that at and I hope to see you again soon. Yeah, baby!