How Do Family Trusts Work?

It is important for you to be aware that there are many different ways that trust can be viewed and there are many different benefits from different trusts.

You have to start with what you are trying to accomplish.

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Hi! It’s Lou Brown. I’ve been asked. How do family trusts work? Well, typically a family trust, now let’s back up. There’s about 30 different kinds of trusts out there. So it’s important that you’re aware that there’s many different ways that trust can be viewed. And there’s many different benefits you can get from different trusts. So you have to start with what you’re actually trying to accomplish. And if you want to create a trust that passes down from generation to generation to generation, then there are a variety of different solutions to that. So you have to start with, what am I trying to accomplish.

Now, let’s say that you wanted to create a trust that had a spendthrift provision, meaning that if anybody in your family, one of the heirs for example, were to get a judgment against them, or to have issues a divorce or something where that spouse or someone having a judgment against a person would be able to access all of your hard work and be able to take those things to satisfy a judgment.

Well, if you have a spendthrift provision, that would not be true. In other words, nobody would be able to invade the trust to satisfy any kind of judgment against an individual. And so what happens is you create a non-grantor trust with spendthrift provisions. And then you have it as an Irrevocable Trust. Complex Trust. And that has discretion that the trustee has full discretion, dominion, and control over the trust.

Now, you can learn more about that at and that will reveal to you about that type of trust. That might be the right setup for a family trust for you. And certainly there are tremendous tax benefits with that as well. Now I’m going to be teaching that. That’s going to be coming up on a live event that I have a four day trainings. It’s called We’re going to be doing in four days a complete review of the types of trusts that most of our folks get involved in. Land Trusts. Personal Property Trusts. Living Trusts. And the Elite Trusts. So you’ll be able to see what fits best in your world. Financially. There can be some tremendous benefits, but if your trust is designed correctly, it’s providing Privacy Asset Protection, Probate Avoidance, and Profits. And certainly all of that is available when I’m teaching you about how you can maximize through your entire estate and set it up yourself. So I hope to see you soon. Yeah, baby!