How Long can Trusts Last?

That’s an interesting question because it depends on where you establish your trust at. Various states do various things. But most states do a 20-year contract.

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Hi! My name’s Lou Brown. I’ve been asked. How long can trusts last? Well, that’s an interesting question because it depends on where you establish your trust at. There’s different States within the United States that compete against each other to attract your business, to come to their state.

So one of the things they do is, for example, if you establish your trust in South Dakota, they have something called a perpetual trust. Which means it just goes on and on and on. In Alaska, they have a thousand year trust. So you can just have it for a thousand years, and then it expires after that. Right? And so various States do various things, but most States establish these under contract law. Which means that the contract has a 20 year life span. So what a trust really is, is a contract. It’s a contract between the trustee and the beneficiary or beneficiaries.

And so that contract has a lifespan in most States, 20 years. Now what’s cool about that is you can extend the contract for another 20 years. So you can make a non-perpetual trust into somewhat of a perpetual trust by extending it through that time frame and just continually doing that. And so the answer is, it depends on the state you live in. And it can be extended.

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