Here is another one of my hundred and one ways for real estate investors like you to win and close more deals to accelerate your cash flow. Today’s tip is number two, avoid competition by creating outgoing leads. An example called divorce and probate attorneys. All right, let me explain. It’s a very competitive thing out there in real estate and there’s a lot of competition that is already mailing certain lists. They’re already doing things in your marketplace.

What I teach you is no competition deals where you’re getting deals that other people don’t even know about. Never went on the radar. Nobody ever saw it coming and he got a great chance to just get a deal and you’re the only market for it. So how are we going to do that? Well, let’s start with attorneys, attorneys of all kinds, but particularly real estate attorneys, probate attorneys, and general attorneys.

So those kinds of attorneys have people come to them all the time with situations. Sometimes it’s a partnership breakup. Sometimes it’s a medical issue and somebody’s got to sell something. Sometimes somebody went to jail and they got to get some cash to get them out of jail. So there are all kinds of different reasons that people need to get rid of their property quickly. So this is exactly where you come in.

Go ahead and connect with attorneys, let them know who you are, what you do, and that you pay referral fees as well. Now, sometimes ethically, they can’t take those referral fees, but I bet you they will take that box of Omaha steaks when it comes to their doorstep. All right, that’s a great thing.

I hope you enjoy this and we’ll use it. I know this will make a difference in your profits. I’d love to share more of my profitable free tips with you