Make no payments. Wow. How good is that? Well, why would that be good for the lender? Let’s say they have a retirement account and they’ve loaned to you at say 6% interest and imagined that that interest is accruing. That means that every month that you don’t make a payment that you owe interest on the original amount borrowed, plus you own an interest on the payment that wasn’t paid so they can earn interest accruing. Well, what does that mean by the end of the year?

Let’s say that the loan was $100,000 you just saved the payment every month on that. That could help your cash flow dramatically. And what you could do with that additional cash flow is by more marketing.

Marketing will drive the train. When you got the right marketing, you’ve got the ability to build an amazing business in the real estate business. But the key is you got to be able to pay for it. Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to make monthly payments on this private money? That I’ve been teaching you in this series. What you say to the investor is, would you like to receive annual payments, semiannual payments, quarterly payments, or monthly payments, and let them choose if they save monthly payments.

You say: “Of course when I send that payment in, what’s going to happen to it? You’re going to put it into your retirement account and it’s just going to earn what? Zero-point something percent. So not much. What if you just let your interest accrue? I’ll pay you interest on that as well.”

Then annually you can make them a single payment that incorporates both their regular payment and the accrued interest. How cool is that?