Today’s tip is number four, knock on doors of those in foreclosure. Now be careful in your state. There may be restrictions to approaching people in foreclosure. Find out, but there’s only a couple of states in the country that have a problem with that. The rest of the days have no problem, and if you think about it, when does somebody really need you?

They need you when they’re having an issue. Maybe they lost their job, maybe something happened in their life and they just need to be rid of this problem of this real estate. You can step in, maybe you can reinstate the loan. Maybe there’s things that you can do to take over that property and take care of the issue.

Now you say, well, that sounds great, Lou, but here’s what I want you to be careful about. Don’t just go to somebody and say, Hey, I hear you’re in foreclosure. Would you like to sell your home? That’s not a good plan. Just knock on the door and say, Hey, do you know of any houses for sale in this neighborhood? I’d love to buy a house in this neighborhood and then see what their response is.

That might open the door for you to come in and talk to them about their situation. Now, couple of thoughts you might ask. Well, where is it that I’m going to find out about these foreclosures? Well, we have an amazing piece of software. You can look at it. It’s at Streetsmart, forward slash prop wiz.

That’s PR. Oop, W I, Z street smart, forward slash prop wiz. You can look at this amazing piece of software that we use every day in our business, and one of the aspects of the software is when we can step in and find out all the foreclosures within a particular neighborhood.

You literally draw a square around a neighborhood and you can find out all the people that are in default in that neighborhood. Hope this has been helpful to you. Hope you’ve enjoyed it and we’ll use it. I know it will make a difference in your profits.