Do you believe that there are select individuals in the real estate business who possess special knowledge that is unknown to others? The knowledge that gives them an edge over others in their real estate investing? An edge that enables them to find deals, do transactions, and earn profits others only dream about. You may never have considered it, but every insider starts on the outside. The lucky ones find a mentor who reveals his or her special knowledge and that changes EVERYTHING.

This coming Wednesday, you’ll have the chance to hear from just such an “insider,” as an investor and real estate mentor Lou Brown is joined by one of his top real estate devotees. Tune in and hear the unique strategies that were used to grow a new real estate business to over 20 houses.

You’ll discover more than a few “insider tips” that will accelerate the results of your real estate investing and help you create the kind of financial freedom you desire.

There will also be an exciting FREE give-away of Lou’s bestselling book, “Buy Hold Sell” which outlines the unique approach used by Lou and his devotee investors!


0:01 – Introduction – “Great things are happening in the real estate market today!”

1:52 – Lou’s Giveaway – CAHP Backpack: #StreetSmart

3:14 – Today’s guest: Eric Cooper – CAHP

7:42 – What does your business looks like today vs. when you started a yea5 ago?

14:16 – How many houses have done since you become CAHP?

16:51 – “Doing Good While Doing Well” –

19:55 – Massive Passive Income Event – June 24 – 27, 2021

24:11 – Marketing Is The Key To The Success Of Your Real Estate Business.

27:19 – Lou’s Tip Of The Week: Your Business Does Not Occur Naturally You Must Take Action To Make It Happen

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