Massive Passive Income

From The Desk of: Lou Brown
Thursday 9:45 PM

“Give Me Just 4 Days, And I’ll Teach You How To Sell Your Houses And Fill Your Vacancies At Lightning Speed!

Time Tested Systems Proven To Cause Qualified, Enthusiastic Tenants and Buyers To Literally Chase You Down Trying to Push Their Money into Your Hands

Dear Street Smart Friend,

Are you tired of struggling to fill your vacancies? Do you feel like you are endlessly dealing with unmotivated buyers, with no money, who are just wasting your time? This may very well be the most important letter you will ever read for your businesses success!

Are you always stressed about making mortgage payments on empty houses that have been vacant and might stay that way for a while? I know how you feel, because this has really gotten to me in the past.

I can remember losing many nights of much needed sleep because I was so worried that I couldn’t afford the mortgages on vacant properties. I got to the point where I was afraid to buy properties because I had no idea how I was going to sell them…

I don’t even want to think about how fed-up I used to get with prospective tenants and buyers that would “no show” at the property, leaving me to wait for them again and again. Talk about a terrible waste of time!

You see, it took years of dealing with all of those problems before I finally devised the tools and created systems that WORKED. I now find that I can fill or sell my properties lightning fast, and with ease, and I no longer have to worry about whether or not I’ll be able to make the payments. I know that the house will be occupied and the renter or new owner will be making my payments for me!! And today, more than ever this is important. The market is changing and you need to change with it. Things that worked before won’t work the same now. You need a new strategy to deal with the challenges of today.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the headline reads: “The New Rules of Real Estate: As Inventory of Homes Nears 10-Year High, Pricing Becomes Crucial, Relocating Is Trickier”
[The new market is]…”upending the conventional buyers and sellers during the housing boom…”

Now, for the good news…I’ve never made more money in real estate than in a down market. More good news…I’ve maneuvered markets like this before and I know what to do.

Let me show you my step-by-step system that causes qualified enthusiastic tenant buyers to literally be excited to move into your property as fast as you can get them in.

Can’t Believe It??

“Yeah, right Lou,” you might be thinking. “A steady stream of interested, qualified candidates with more than a couple hundred bucks calling me saying they want to move into my property? Next thing you’ll tell me is that Martians have landed in New York City!”

Well I don’t think I’m going to go that far (At least not on the Martian thing). But I am prepared to show you how with a few simple changes in the way you do business, you can have more time, more energy and more money to spend on whatever you like and get rid of all your tenant headaches; Because…

You’ll Never Have to Show Another House Or Apartment Ever Again

Take one of my students who recently moved from Baton Rouge, Louisiana to Charlotte, North Carolina. With this system he knew he could do this business from anywhere, and he was right.

One day a tenant buyer of his decided to move out of the house he was renting without any notice. Too bad! To make it worse they trashed the house. Now he lived 16 hours away from his property via car, and had a vacancy. Plus the house needed work and he didn’t feel like doing the “minor” rehab miles from home. So… he had to get a little creative.

He followed my training, which gave him a step-by-step guide to filling vacancies fast. HE knew how to do a few things to the house, write a few key ads, make a few strategic calls and before you know it, He had 9 people interested in the house… In less than 24 hours!!

After a few conversations and a couple of emails, mt student sold the house to someone he’d never met, never will meet, and had never even shown the house. Not to only that, but they did all the rehab. He did this from the comfort of his North Carolina home, and never went back to the house in Louisiana. Doesn’t knowing how to do that get your curiosity up??

Getting Tenant Buyers To Beg For Your Property Is Easy… If You Know The Best Kept Marketing Secrets!!

Maybe you, like many other real estate investors, have found that selling houses is getting tougher. With still low rates, the good tenant buyers have bought houses, the leftovers don’t have the down payments and basically look kind of scary… In fact, filling vacancies has got to be the toughest part of the business.

What’s worse, you have to talk to a bunch more people than ever before. Maybe it’s been a while since selling houses was a lot of fun. Or, you may be in that happy minority having a great year with your tenant buyers. But you’re still probably not exactly where you want to be, and you know taking advantage of new breakthroughs will make a difference.

Maybe you’re sick and tired of your prospects lying, changing their mind or taking another investors house. You’re chasing after people who really aren’t interested or qualified.

You see, success at getting an endless supply of qualified candidates has a lot more to do with understanding the real secrets of building a workable, usable system and less than you may think to do with chasing after prospects.

Whether this is your first year in real estate, or you’re a 20 year veteran; If you know the “can’t miss” systems to use, you’ll never again have to talk to any tenants/buyers unless you choose to call them!

Quit Doing What Everyone Else Does!

Real Estate is like any other business,you have competition and that competition is going after the same market you are! That is why are you struggling to fill your vacancies and sell your houses. The biggest obstacle you face is “marketing staleness”. Everyone goes to the same meetings, listens to the same speakers, and reads the same publications. It doesn’t take long before they become very “alike”. To succeed in today’s market you truly need to be different!

So, your breakthrough will come from thinking “outside the box” and bringing new, proven, translated systems back into your business. Keep doing what you’ve been doing and you’ll never get anything different than you already have. Seems pretty basic right?

But How Do You Benefit?

Imagine the difference in your life if you only talk to tenant buyers and retail buyers who WANT TO BUY or RENT YOUR HOUSE or APARTMENT and are really interested in doing business with you.

Wouldn’t you feel more successful and confident?

Seriously, think about how many more you could buy every month knowing that you had systems on the back end to sell or rent them!

Wouldn’t that allow you to make the kind of real money you deserve?

That’s why I developed a brand new training designed to show you my simple and proven step-by-step system to sell and rent houses faster than ever before!

We call it Street Smart Massive Passive Income, because that’s what we teach you; How to sell and rent your property fast and create huge rivers of monthly passive income. I call this “mailbox money.”

Why? Because all you have to do is go to your mailbox every month, and it’s overflowing with large checks from your tenants. Heck you can be like me. I don’t even need to leave the house to deposit the checks. We’ve automated that too!


“We sold that house! $4000 down and we’re getting $1,500 a month. Sale price of $244,900, option term of 18 months. What a relief!!

Alice Weber -Lakeland, FL



“Kimberly and I spent Sunday learning to use Lou’s forms and recording all of notes receivable payments receivable etc…. and you know I have not come across much that Lou hasn’t already covered in his system of forms. I’m kicking myself because I wish I would have known this a year ago before I spent all this money on other “guru’s”. We even put together a couple of Lou’s “Nastygrams” to send to our deadbeat tenants that have been “relaxed” with their payments. Doubt they’ll be paying late again. Feels good to get that under control.”

Matt Vestrand – Michigan


Here Are Just A Few Of The Profitable Strategies, Ideas & Techniques I’ll Personally Teach You:

This is no pipe dream. I’m already doing this successfully, as well as my trained students. Let me share with you some of the secrets they know, and you’ll learn:

  • My patented and fool proof system for screening tenants and buyers. You have no idea how much time, money and headaches this can (and will!) save you…
  • sans-serif; color: #000000;”>The ability to never talk to unmotivated tenants and buyers EVER again.
  • 7 Ways to get your properties to sell themselves with little or no involvement or effort from you at all!
  • Easily get buyers or renters to commit quickly.
  • Learn about my hot new Street Smart Work for Equity Program, and watch your tenants improve your property without you lifting a finger!
  • Learn about my Street Smart Rapid Mortgage Payoff Program and have your properties paid off years in advance!
  • Learn how to PAY NO TAXES! You can 1031 Your Way to Wealth! (This alone is worth the cost of the bootcamp 3 times over!
  • Learn the tactics and simple words to get buyers and tenants off of the “maybe” fence and into your vacant home.
  • How to get the maximum non-refundable down payment from the buyers and renters.
  • Simple, automated methods to build your wholesale list and move your “flipper” properties faster and more profitably than ever before.
  • 5 methods you’ll learn to work less and make more money by adding $2,000 to $3,000 to every deal.
  • Learn the secrets of improving cash flow on your existing properties so that for every 4 properties, it’s just like having a 5th one free and clear.
  • Which “seeds of wealth” to keep and which ones you absolutely have to sell for the fastest cash.
  • Discover which repairs really need to be done to maximize your time and money.
  • Proven strategies to making a property attractive enough to sell at lighting speed.
  • How you can sell your houses needing work by using my hot new “Work For Equity” system. You’ll know the work is getting done the right way, on time, and you still won’t even have to lift a finger.
  • Simple step-by-step instructions on how to rent, lease option, or sell on owner financing, the Street Smart® way.
  • 7 ways to help you make huge spreads in monthly cash flow by using my unique Owner Financing program.
  • Steps to prevent the lengthy foreclosure process on owner financing deals.
  • How to make money in your underwear by creating massive rivers of passive cash flow by using my simple, easy to follow steps.
  • Easy strategies to “paper train” your tenants and a role play of our patented “signing ceremony”.
  • Why and How to control your closings so mortgage brokers can’t clobber you with any last minute surprises.
  • Section 8 rentals; The good, the bad, the ugly… and the latest.
  • Get more profit by recognizing and eliminating hidden fees on closing statements.
  • What you can do when the house just will NOT sell.
  • How to hire the right property manager.
  • How to find the best real estate agent to sell your property for you, who understands our business and won’t try to re-educate you!
  • Never show up for a closing ever again! You’ll do the closings on your time when it’s convenient for you and your schedule.
  • How to get over the fear of what to do with the property so you can buy more and better houses, getting you out of the rat race faster.
  • Easily get the buyers to pay all the closing costs to make you more money.
  • How important the paperwork is, and the hidden things you need to know.
  • How to deal with the burgeoning Latino market, and the challenges and opportunities it offers.
  • Learn why houses don’t sell. Systems to pinpoint the problems in a home or apartment long before you buy the wrong one…
  • How to write effective ads to pull the right prospects to the right houses in the right manner at the right time to get the right result!.
  • Renting and Selling is competitive; You need simple steps to write more targeted ads that bring you better buyers and renters, looking for exactly what you have to sell.
  • 3 unique ways to get paid if your tenant buyers don’t move in.
  • How to “buy” your bad tenants out of your property.
  • Secret Techniques to legally cut short the eviction process and get a judgment in your favor every time. This can allow you to always, easily avoid eviction court all together!
  • 11 Secret (hidden) profit centers you can set up in the standard purchase and sale agreement when selling.
  • Learn my proven wealth strategy to huge wealth faster and safer than anyone else in the business!!
  • … And yes, you’ll learn even more! I could go on and on, but space prevents showing it all here.


“Since I used your lease agreement with the special clause requiring additional rent for unapproved residents I have collected an additional $2,000 in rent during the year from this one tenant. He has 2 months left on his lease and I don’t foresee his ‘guests’ moving out soon.”

Rose Marie Wallace – Jacksonville, FL


It’s Easier To Buy Properties When You Know Exactly How To Sell Them

Maybe you recently had one of those deals we all crave in our business. You know… A big house, nice area and a motivated seller who’s willing to strike that “perfect” deal.

The house is so nice and you just know there’s at least a 6 figure profit… if you could just figure out how to sell it… fast.

The only problem is that the size of the monthly payment scares the pants off you. In fact, you’ve heard of other investors making money on these deals and even selling the house in as little as a few days. But, you’re skeptical. You don’t really believe the stories… even though deep down inside, you know this is possible and with this one deal, you could dramatically change your entire financial picture.

If only you knew…

How To Make People Line Up
And Beg You To Take Their Money!

Over the years I’ve discovered an almost unbelievable system of getting throngs of hungry, qualified buyers to show up at a house at one time and compete for the house. We’ve all heard of auctions. In fact, we’ve all been curious about how they work and if they work at all.

That’s why over a year ago, I commissioned one of my best protégés; Stefan Kasian to research, test and help me create the only proven system for selling houses fast (and profitably!) using auctions. In fact, we spent over 18 months traversing the globe to create…

The Most Complete Step By Step Way To
Fast Cash By Auctioning Houses

You know me, everything has got to be just right and it has to work. Not just some theory taken from a book. They HAVE to be real deals that close.

My newest system is called Street Smart®Auction Profits. We’ve used it to sell: big houses, little houses, ugly houses, pretty houses, pretty ugly houses, half finished houses, foreclosure houses, lease option houses, owner financing houses, wholesale houses, apartments, land, rehab houses and… well you get the drift.

Between you and me, selling houses via auctions is almost as good as… Well almost as good as it gets! I’d like to show you, too, how you can get an unfair advantage over your competition.

My results certainly aren’t unique. Auctions may or may not replace getting houses sold the old fashioned way. But I do know this; my proven system is a fantastic supplement to your ever-increasing arsenal, and is certainly worth a try.

Let’s face it, there are days when you get tired of doing things the same way over and over again. Auctions are fun, exciting events to put on and I’ll show you how to have fun yourself! Besides you need to know this cutting edge way of selling houses fast! Oh, and you’ll learn my unique ways of “beefing up” the profits on each auction.

“I want in Lou…”

Three days with me, my entire team and other successful investors. This is a complete education in selling and renting houses fast and my duplicable system for creating “Massive Passive Income” in real estate. But it’s a steal at $3,995.

If you ask anyone who’s attended one of my trainings they’ll tell you it’s money WELL spent. You’ll be learning from my 30 years worth of actively selling houses and investing in general.

Click Here for Dates

Well, you really have just three choices…

The first option is simple. Wad up this letter and throw it away. In fact, that’s what most of your competition hopes you will do… Nothing. It’s the path of least resistance and it’s exactly why so many investors are dead broke whining and complaining that real estate doesn’t work.

You know better. If you never plant a seed, you’ll never get the harvest. One seed planted comes back, 100, 1,000 sometimes 10,000 times over. If you decide to do nothing I hate to say it but I can assure you’ll be paying for this event many times over just in lost income.

Your second option is to do this on your own without further training. I know, from my own experiences and those of many others, you’ll make mistakes that will cost you dearly… As you know, the “School of Hard Knocks” is by far the most expensive training you’ll ever pay for. Doesn’t it make sense to avoid other peoples trials and errors for a lot less than it cost them?

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You Can’t Possibly Learn What I Know
For Less Than I Charge!

Let’s say you have a house that’s been sitting vacant for 2 months. Payments are $1,000 a month, taxes/insurance run another $200 a month, you have utilities on… Oh, and the yard is getting mowed so now we’re up to $250 each month it sits vacant.

Of course the advertising cost is absolutely killing you. You’ve tried ideas you heard work and before you know it you’re into this house for another $350 per month. It’s costing you $1,800 a month to hold and you’re going into month two of vacancy. Now you’re into this thing for $3,600 with no end in sight.

Even if you get a buyer tomorrow, that new plasma screen TV with surround sound you were going to buy with the profits has turned into a 7 inch color TV with no cable hook up. Your profits have disappeared like the Titanic into the sea.

What if you learn one thing you can use on a single deal to sell property faster than you ever thought or have in the past? Would would that be worth? Now, what if you get a lot more usable ideas than just one?

In fact, you’ll get 10 times the investment by the time you get through just the first day of training with me. That’s my personal guarantee.

Option Number Three: Take Me Up On It!

Register now and attend my Massive Passive Income training. Put the systems to work that I

give you. When you make that choice, not only will the cost become insignificant, you’ll be planting the seeds for a bountiful harvest – all for choosing to take action now!

Pick up the phone and call right now, you have everything to gain. You do your part, we’ll do ours.

Yes, granted some may be cheaper than $3,995. Many of them are good, some are junk. In fact, many gurus use stuff they learned from me. Unfortunately, they don’t know my latest cutting edge technologies, but you will.


“I have been in the real estate business for 13 years and have attended many seminars. None were as comprehensive as yours. The value I received for my money was excellent. In most events at least some attendees sleep at some point, but not yours. They were hanging on your every word.”

Stephen Farrar – Atlanta GA


It’s A Life-Changing Decision,
So Choose Your “Guru” Wisely!

Some gurus give you everything including a kitchen sink from Home Depot to get you to their event. Some of the material is important to your success, other bonuses are like fillers in Hot Dogs. Stuff just laying around, things nobody else wants.

If you honestly believe you will get this million dollar education from any other product, go right ahead. All the stuff they give you will look pretty on the shelf, collecting dust. At least you saved some money. But in the long run they’ll cost you budles!

If you want to solve your problems and get stinking filthy rich in the meantime with a proven system that’s 3 decades in the making, and has thousands upon thousands of success stories… come see me at this training.

The Cost Is Irrelevant

You should know that the average profit I can help you add to any deal by selling it the right way is over $35,000. That’s just one deal. I can’t guarantee you’ll do that on every deal, but let’s just say we get half of that on one deal. Will that cover the cost of the education many times over? Is that fair?? A great return on your investment is my goal!

Now, Here Are Some Usable,Valuable Bonuses…

Just to sweeten the pot and make this a complete slam dunk, I’ve created a new collection of resources just for you. They’ll keep you motivated and moving long after the training. They are:

Bonus #1: 101 Street Smart Ways To Make $500 More On Any Real Estate Transaction – Value: $995 I’ve identified over the 101 Profit Centers (another Street Smart® exclusive) you can immediately use to add profit to any current deal. Combine these on your next deal and you’ll more than pay for the event.

Bonus #2: Street Smart®Automated Excel Calculators to automatically complete all your math computations for Property Appreciations, Rent Prorations, Rent Discounts, Additional Rents Due, Option Credits, Accumulated Option Fees, 1031 Exchanges and a very special Installation Sale Calculator-Plus Newly Up-Dated Auto-Fill Forms to automatically complete all the paperwork necessary for rental properties, Lease Option properties and Owner Financing-Agreement for Deed Properties. A $4,995.95 Value!

Bonus #3: Platinum Investors Inner Circle Session – Eavesdrop on Success Audio – Value $299 Three times a year I get together with some of the brightest minds in real estate and we discuss what’s hot and what’s working. The last one was recorded and I have one of the only copies. We discuss all aspects of the business, from soup to nuts.

Bonus #4: Street Smart® Investor Briefcase – Value $2,999.95
This copyrighted exclusive auto-fill forms disk includes the most frequently used forms for use in the field. Never again will you fumble around looking for the right forms. I’ve personally selected the forms you always need to have with you.

Bonus #5: Find The Form Fast Master Directory CD – Value $995.00
This master directory links all my forms in one easy to use and find location. Simply click on the link and the form you need pops up and is ready to use.

Bonus #6: Repeat This Event In The Future And Save $2,995
That’s right, you can repeat this event anytime in the future for just $500. You never pay full price ever again for this event.

All together that’s over $13,280 worth of FREE bonuses. Not counting all the money making secrets you’ll learn at the event. Just to be sure you have absolutely no reason to miss this event, I’ll give you my personal…

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“100% Money Back Attend The First Day Keep The Bonuses, No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee!”

I only want raving fans as customers. That’s why I give iron clad, no risk to you money back guarantees like this. Most people think I’m nuts, maybe I am. There is no way that I can make this any more simple and easy for you.

Attend this training and at the end of the first day if you haven’t learned at least 10 ways to cover the cost of this event, then see one of my staff members before the end of the first day and they will give a full refund. Plus, keep the bonuses as my gift and I’ll give you $50 to change your flight.

“Lou, Is $13,280 Worth Of
Bonuses The Best You Can Do?”

I really want you to change your life and you know it will. The money is nice from these things, but it’s you I really care about; Your life and Your Success.

So, if you own the Whole Enchilada, I will take off another $300. That‘s $700 additional value for the entire event. That gets the price down to just $3,195.

I’ve given you my absolute best case for you to attend this event. At this point, you’re either in or out. My life will go on the same regardless of the decision you make. How about yours?

This is a life altering choice. In fact, it’s one of those “never the same” decisions for your future. Do you want to have rivers of massive passive income in your life? I doubt the $3,195 will completely bust your budget, given all the money making secrets I will share with you.


“I wasn’t sure about attending your Boot Camp, but I’m sure glad I did! The Boot Camp really ties everything together and gave me a plan to work and boy does it work! It almost seems like cheating – taking your 29 years of knowledge and experience for just a few thousand dollars. You’ve taught me how to become wealthy in such a short period of time! Thanks millions because that’s what you’ve made me.”

Tim Herndon – Tampa, Florida


If you’re ready to change the way things are, just fill out the enclosed order form or give us a call at 1-800-578-8580 or fax the form to 770-939-3177 and get on with it. There’s no risk, whatsoever. There is absolutely no way you can lose. After all, “What can Brown do for you?”

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To your success,

Lou Brown Signature

Louis Brown

P.S. Here is how to save yourself another $100… Be one of the first 25 to register and I’ll take off another $100. But you better hurry. This deal won’t last long, it’s only for the first 25!*

P.S.S. Don’t Have The Money Available Right Now? I’ll finance this event for you… Just give my office a call at 1-800-578-8580 and they’ll give you all the details.

P.S.S.S. Bonus #7: Instead of 3 days, I am going to add a 4th day to this training for the exact same price. I’m bringing in some of my hand picked dream team members. They will show you more ways to sell your property fast and make huge rivers of money without leaving the house, office, golf course or beach, etc.

P.S.S.S.S. Bonus #8: Several Street Smart® Secret Weapons. I don’t want everyone to know about that I’m keeping under wraps. You’ll find out what they are at the event. Don’t delay, register today… seating is limited and this event is filling fast.

P.S.S.S.S.S. Bonus #9: Special I’ve got another bonus that will not only get you salivating; it will have you marking off the calendar until this great event gets here.

By the time you leave MPI you’ll know exactly how to have a wealth plan that works. Some houses you’ll sell for cash, some you’ll keep and offer owner financing.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could show your buyer how much they will save on taxes if they get a new loan or borrow from you on owner financing? What if you could show them how many deductions they can add at work and how much that will add to their take home pay? Do you think this would be a tool that would help catapult your portfolio of loans? Well I’m going to GIVE the software to you just for coming. Another great Street Smart® tool from good ol’ Lou! Fill out the registration and fax it now! See YOU there!


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* These offers not available for Combo training or Total Package buyers.

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