Today’s tip is number 26 figure out the personality type you are dealing with and negotiate accordingly. Now what do I mean by that? So you want to listen to people. Listen, even over the phone you can discover what personality type you’re dealing with. Now there’s four basic personality types. Of course there’s iterations of this and everybody’s got all four personality types. But the important thing to learn is that there’s four basic personality types. A that means bottom line oriented. They’re not interested in your conversation. They just want to know how much you’re going to pay him for the house. Well you don’t know yet. And so you got to deal with and overcome that personality type B, they’re all about the looks.

So I’ve got a, B, c, d are the four personality types that I teach and a B is about the looks. You know, how does it look? How does it make them look? Do they like how it looks? So usually you can tell a B because they will talk to you, they will listen to you and you can hear it in their voice that they care about the looks of their house. And so they’ll talk about their house, they’ll talk about some of the nice things that they did do their house and with their house. Now they’ll also say, well you can’t come now I’ve got to clean up. So obviously they care that you think that they are clean and that they are pretty and they are nice. Now you can always tell a B because they usually have nice hair and nice jewelry, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and the woman, she’s amazing too.

Now you know people that are uh, you know, they care about their looks. You can just tell because of the way they dress and how sharp they are and they care that you think that they’re sharp as well. So you want to compliment them on their looks now sees they are computer brains, they’re all detail oriented, they want details and more details and more details and more details. Well, what do you do? You have to talk to them in their language. And that’s the seas. Now, the Ds, the Ds are just wonderful, caring, loving people on the planet. They take care of people. So nurses, uh, uh, firefighters, police, uh, any body that takes care of people. Uh, these are our say police. I’m talking about the less aggressive ones, maybe the ones that work in the office, the ones with guns there. They’re more of a different personality type.

But these are the things that you want to learn. Once you learn these different personality types, it will change how you’re negotiating with, with people. It will change what you say and how you say it. So you want to learn how to listen. You want to learn how to speak when you’re with these personality types. Now teach you about all the personality types in negotiations. Now this is volume three of my whole enchilada of real estate investing. You can learn more about that at street smart, Just click on tools and go to volume three negotiations. By the way, you do your own personality test as well to find out what personality type you are because your interaction with others is relative to the personality that you have. And let me tell you something. Once I learned about personalities and personality types, I learned how to speak to people and then I discovered that they could actually hear me and I did a lot more deals. So this is a very important part of your overall strategy and you’re learning. I hope you enjoyed this. I hope you’ll use it. I think it will make a difference. I know it will in your life. I’d love to share more of my profitable free tips with you. How can you get more? Depending on where you’re seeing this, please just like it or love it.