Welcome to 2021!!!

Lou wants to welcome everyone to a great new year.

He also wants to extend his appreciation to all that became part of his life through The Street Smart Investing.

He is grateful for all the opportunities that these people have given to Street Smart Investing and is hoping that they have given them great opportunities as well.

For 2021, Lou wants to offer an assignment. For him, this is the best time to step back from your business, get centered, and focus on realizing what you want to accomplish this year.

What do you want your life to look like one year from now?

Create a goal. Write it down. Writing things down helps you invest and commit. Once you’ve written them down, it’s time to make a plan.

If you are still thinking about your future, watch this video. Lou Brown and Street Smart Investor will gladly help you along the way.

Lou Brown has training coming up it’s available at www.WealthBuilderWorkshop.Online

It’s an all-day training in the comfort of your own home where Lou is going to teach you how to find a buyer before even finding a property. He’s also going to teach you how to protect all your assets using land trusts and personal property trusts.


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Welcome to 2021. Yeah, baby! It’s a beautiful New Year coming our way. I see so much opportunity. I wanted to thank you for being part of our life. Part of Street Smart and all of the opportunities that you have brought our way. Certainly, we hope we have brought amazing opportunities, your way. We’re getting ready now for a brand New Year. And this is such an important time to step back from your business and really take some time. I’m going to give you some homework right now, homework for the entire year, right? To really get centered on what you want to accomplish this year. What do you want your life to look like one year from now? Now let’s go one year from now, you got how much money do you have in the bank? How many properties have you done? What have you done in order to create?

Those is what I want you to focus on. You see, we’re going to go out, go ahead and set that goalpost for December 31st, 2021 and say, this is what I want to have accomplished by the time a year has passed. Now, write that down. It’s so important to write things down. If you don’t write that down, you have not gotten aligned with what you want to have happen in your world. Now, this is important and it’s not just about financial. It’s also spiritual. It’s also your business, your family, everything in your world, physical, what do you want things to look like a year from now? Write those things down. Make those commitments. If you’ve been to Millionaire Jumpstart, you’ve got some guidelines there and some forms to work with. And it’s just important that once you have written those things down. Now, let’s make a plan, a plan for 2021.

How many postcards do you have to send in order to get one deal? How much budget do you need in order to get that one deal? You see, what I’ve found is many people can mail out 300 postcards and get one deal. But in some markets you have to mail out a thousand postcards to get enough leads, to get one deal. It’s all relative to the community that you’re working in, the market that you’re working in, and we can help you with those things. But it’s so important that you set some goals. Now, what are things going to look like a year from now? And then let’s back up. We’re here to help. We have our Sunday night calls. We have different things throughout the year that we’re training you on, to give you some guidance on having an amazing multi-million dollar business. I’ve helped so many people build multi-million dollar businesses, and I want to help you as well. Yeah, baby!