Business Management

Discover how to run your real estate business with ease. This detailed course is designed to assist and guide you through effectively and efficiently running your real estate investing business. Many otherwise successful investors lose money when it comes to managing their business because they DON’T KNOW HOW TO DO IT the right way. Discover how to run a flawless operation, prevent profit loss, improve and expand your business by following the simple steps in this extensive course.

What’s Inside:

  • Best practices on how to set up your office.
  • Secrets on how to set up property files.
  • Proven record-keeping systems.
  • Key tips on using independent contractors.
  • Business Management 241 page guidebook.
  • Audio Training downloadable for your devices and Forms download (or thumb drive)

Street Smart Investor is used by top real estate investors and professionals throughout the United States.


Designed to Assist and Guide You in Effectively Running your Real Estate BUSINESS

Too many people miss the fact that buying, selling, and HOLDING real estate is a business! You have to treat it that way. Even if you have only one rental property. If you own many properties, things can be “overlooked” or profits can be missed. This is a system designed to prevent that. If you already have multiple properties, it’s sometimes hard to “teach an old dog new tricks”, but the methods outlined in this course have yet to be “bested” by any other method. We’re always open to hearing new ideas, but to date, no one has found a more efficient system to handle multiple properties, which allows multiple users to be involved.

Getting You to the Next Level

In the business of real estate, there are some areas where you will find you really shine. Things you do the best. And, you are much more productive doing what you do best – whether that is finding deals, making deals, or creating other forms of profit. Having others manage the day-to-day details can buy you a lot more profit. If you do this business right, you’ll stay out of trouble and be very supported. If you hate the details of this business, then you’ll LOVE this course. If you love the details of this business, then you’ll LOVE this course.

The First Step to The Next Level Is a Decision

That’s right. To get to the next level of income, freedom, growth, and excitement in your business, the first step is to start with a commitment (or a renewed commitment) to excellence. Do this and your business will do what so many of our Street Smart users have done. You will evolve, grow, and continue to become more solidly grounded. Your business should have a vision/mission statement and collective goals to attain. In this course, you will see our Customer Care Policy and our Mission Statement and may want to model that as a start to grounding your business. It’s what we have framed in our office. Our staff continually sees this and we remind one another regularly in frustrating conversations “Customer Service, Customer SERVICE!”.

Your Choice Now Determine Your Future Later

Start with this commitment as your foundation and you will be far more successful. Bring a degree of sanity to your life as a real estate entrepreneur. Whether you are just beginning your investing career or a seasoned investor, having an efficient office will greatly increase your investment returns. If you follow the methods in this course to manage your investments for maximum profits, if you follow the steps outlined herein, you’ll find it easy to expand your business and easily integrate new properties into your system.


“This was so eye opening. This is the absolute completely asset needed to start and progress in Real Estate. All you need to protect buy and hold properties. This is excellent strategy for exciting an existing job.”

Robert Wyche, VA

“Very important to have complete system. Start and add parts as needed.”

Kevin Shriver, FL

“This is a completed system. A complete business in box.”

John Russel, IL

“The platform created by Lou Brown for real estate success can accommodate all of your biggest dreams. Engage your monster before milestone events in your business.”

Amos Burns, AZ

“This is a focused effort towards my business. It has helped me beyond what I thought it would.”

Tom Stout, CA

“Since joining Lou’s training we buy an average of 1 to 2 properties per mo. We have followed Lou’s program to the letter and now have 26 properties.”

Cynthia Shriver, IL