Holding & Selling

An extensive training on the “Ins-and-Outs” of how and where to find the best deals, how to finance, repair, lease options, sell and make the most money quickly with the least effort.

Discover how to hold, lease and sell real estate to make the most money, quickly, and with the least effort. This extensive training on selling and holding will provide you with the proven techniques, tools, and resources, to monetize your properties right away… and keep continuous profits flowing into your real estate investment business.

What’s Inside:

  • Learn which properties sell fast and make the most money.
  • Identify qualified buyers and negotiate sales.
  • Structure deals to minimize risk and maximize profits.
  • Ready made forms and documents.
  • Proven techniques to make more money, faster the best deals with the least effort.
  • Selling & Holding manual with 153 pages of proven real estate techniques.
  • Audio Training downloadable for your devices and Forms download (or thumb drive)

Street Smart Investor is used by top real estate investors and professionals throughout the United States.


After Buying, The Next Phase of Your Business Is Holding And Selling Your Property

Buying is where you lock in your profits, but where you realize your profits is when you hold and sell the property. Some people want to go straight for the Gusto and make the most money right now, known as wholesaling where you flip the property to the buyer and that’s great, but you’ve left an awful lot of money on the table.

You can get into this business of real estate, and you can make an amazing amount of money on a monthly basis. And unlike the stock market, you control the asset. This is you creating your own inventory that you can monetize over a long period of time.

The Retirement Aspect of The Holding and Selling Side Of The Business

Lou Brown created a national program called the Path To Home Ownership that is offered in local communities. We teach you how to offer that program in your local community, giving your potential buyer the opportunity to someday own a home. Whether you’re geared towards multi-family or commercial properties, or single-family homes really doesn’t matter.

You’ll learn how to use a similar process in all of those properties. The focus in Holding and Selling is acquiring those potential buyers and then monetizing that relationship right away. Even before you have a property for them. There is a process where you put them into a membership and start serving them. Helping them with things like credit restoration, saving on their utilities, and getting them “home-buyer” ready. You make money helping them do this too.

Then Things Really Get Exciting

When they are ready and in a property, you need to manage these folks. So how are you going to manage them? No worries, you’ve got paperwork for that too. A standard rental agreement, an option agreement, an agreement for deed where you’re doing owner financing for those folks. And we don’t stop there. We also help you to analyze the deal more deeply in terms of how much profit you’re going to make on that transaction. Not only management, but also renovations and getting that property ready for market. There’s a lot of different aspects of holding and selling and this course was designed and developed over Lou’s 40 years of being in this business of buying, holding, and selling property. You’re going to get his very best secrets and more importantly, the very best paperwork.

But, Before You Punch that “Get it Now” Button

While I know this Volume is going to be great for you, before you pull the trigger and purchase it, I actually want you to call in and speak with one of our or trained advisors. I have a team that has been advising investors like you for years and they really understand your situation and what it takes to help you build a multimillion-dollar business.

We take a consultative approach to make sure that what you’re purchasing is the best thing for you right now – and to help support you in making a wise decision. So, please do call the number here 800-578-8580 and let us support and help you in building an amazing real estate business. If you’re quite sure you’re ready for this volume, you know what to do.


“This is the absolute completely asset needed to start and progress in Real Estate. All you need to protect buy and hold properties. This is excellent strategy for exciting an existing job.”

Robert Wyche, VA

“Lou’s products and events cover a lot of topics that provide valuable information. I learned from him that rich is temporary, wealth is permanent.”

Lorena Loor, NV

“Lou is a great guy, and his program is life-changing offering a nationwide branding network with more experienced people.”

Nasir Kosa, NV

“No one else has this information or these skills, technique, this training really sets you high above the rest!”

Shemia Schene

“Lou’s systems taught me how to structure my deals to save me money and to put myself in a more profitable position.”

Tenika Chavis, PA

“Since joining Lou’s training we buy an average of 1 to 2 properties per mo. We have followed Lou’s program to the letter and now have 26 properties.”

Cynthia Shriver, IL