Lease Options

The foolproof system to buying and selling real estate with lease options. This intensive course provides detailed information on using lease options to buy and sell real estate with nothing down and a fast turnaround. Containing over 35 carefully crafted forms and a 153-page guidebook, this course presents a system to buy and sell real estate using this high profit, low cash technique.

What’s Inside:

  • Learn how to buy real estate with nothing down.
  • Sell your investment property faster and for more money.
  • Leverage the most profit out of your deals.
  • Ready-made forms and documents.
  • Proven techniques to make more money, faster.
  • Lease Options 153-page guidebook with proven real estate techniques.
  • Audio Training downloadable for your devices and Forms download (or thumb drive)

Street Smart Investor is used by top real estate investors and professionals throughout the United States.


Options Allow You To Have Something, Sell It, And Still Have It

Options allow you to have control of the property without ownership of it. When you enter into an option to purchase or sell you have leveraged your return in that you have negotiated only a right to purchase or sell something under certain terms and conditions. When you meet those terms and conditions, you then receive ownership. Negotiations can create added profit centers such as credits from the lease payment towards the purchase price of the property or the down payment.

Other Big Benefits Can Also Occur

Work done to the property can also become a credit from our seller when we buy the property. There can exist renewals of the option at little or no cost to you and zero-interest loans due to the equity being left in the property by the seller until the option is exercised (completed). Another benefit is the extremely low risk involved because typically your obligation to the seller ends if you can’t exercise your Option to purchase the property.

Lease Options Require Sharing The Right Details With the Other Party

There is plenty of detail in this Street Smart® Lease Options course. That’s because only
when the Seller (or Optionee if you are the seller) can see all of the benefits to them will they accept the Lease Option offer. Benefits such as being able to “sell” their home which has a “due on sale” clause in the mortgage, having their credit saved, having someone take the house now without having to make another payment; or the benefit of having the house taken “as-is” without having to spend any more money (maybe money that they don’t have). Whatever the reason, you need to be able to show all of the benefits of this arrangement when you meet with the seller(s).

A Really Cool Benefit Headline

Lease options are better for Sellers for a number of reasons. When you buy the house, the Seller has accomplished his or her goal of selling the house and he or she has also earned rent money in the meantime. In addition, lease option Buyers pay market value, or even slightly higher, due to their unique circumstances, so the Seller is more likely to get top dollar for the home. All in all, this is an EXCELLENT course in amassing a real estate portfolio and cash-flowing deals using a brilliant strategy.


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