Property Management

Get the secrets to managing your property and tenants. This detailed course gives you the system and resources you need to manage both your assets and the people who are paying for them. Learn how to control your property, find quality tenants, and maximize your property’s profits. This system includes everything you need to simply, effectively, and profitably manage your rental real estate, hassle free.

What’s Inside:

  • Get best practice approaches to property management.
  • Maximize your rental property’s cash flow.
  • Develop and improve renter relations.
  • Increase your profit margins on every deal.
  • Property Management guidebook with proven real estate techniques.
  • Audio Training downloadable for your devices and Forms download (or thumb drive)

Street Smart Investor is used by top real estate investors and professionals throughout the United States.


True Wealth Comes to Those Who Buy and Hold Property Long-Term

I’ll be the first to say it, being a landlord sucks. Some people can’t stand to manage tenants, but it’s probably because they never learned the smart and easy techniques. When I, Lou Brown bought my first property, I was only 19. I had my first tenant in 1979. In many respects, that was the beginning of a LONG string of years where I learned things the hard way. But those hard lessons helped create policies. For years I have tested theories, techniques, and psychology to get to the point of sharing these concepts. This course contains the real-world secrets I have learned and developed over my many years in this business. Many concepts I have originated have become the way to do business after I taught enough people and they began using them.

This is a SYSTEM…Not a Series of Tips and Suggestions

This is NOT a forms course or a collection of tips. This is a SYSTEM of Property Management that I created to give myself a more standardized way of doing business among landlords. A “Company Policy” we all can rely on. The more things follow a system, the easier it is to do business, improve the profession, reduce confusion and eliminate problems for us all. My goal is to make this THE definitive work on management for owners and managers of rental property.

Property Management is More an Art Than a Science

I’ve designed this course to provide as many problem solvers as possible. Admittedly, I used to be embarrassed asking the prying questions you will find in the “Telephone Prospect Questionnaire.”  I used to have trouble holding a straight face when I read the “Standard Real Estate Rental Agreement” with my new tenants. But now, the questions roll out automatically, and the forms are presented in a very matter-of-fact fashion at the “signing ceremony.” I am now very comfortable because I have seen the benefits time and again and know the value of their use. I’m sure you, too, will be able to adopt many of these concepts, and you should. They will make and save you PILES of MONEY and solve problems, many before you have had to endure them!

The Difference Between You and Everyone Else

What separates one investor from another are skills and the proper tools. This course gives you both! I’ve written this as a combination desk manual, job description, and policy manual, which can be purchased by someone with or without experience and, along with the audio training, this becomes a step-by-step guide to the right way to property management. In this course we will work together to establish your management systems and procedures. This Street Smart PROPERTY MANAGEMENT course is the foundation of all my property management techniques and proper property management is critical to long-term success in this business.


“With Lou’s systems you can earn the concepts to take your investment knowledge or your life to the next level.”

Gina Hanson, FL

“I think this program will jump-start my career in real estate investing by getting more deals with targeting renters in apartments.”

Gregg Maines, NV

“The training was intense and more than exceeded my expectations. I learned from Lou that we can get almost anyone into homeownership.”

Tom Simon, FL

“The event helps to see real estate from a different angle and gets you to think differently. My biggest Ah-Ha moment was learning to find the clients, then the property.”

Derek Myers, MO

“Lou’s system restores my drive and gives me what I need to deal with the tenants that I have.”

Den, NY

“As always Lou Brown delivers!!”

Nina Irvin, MS