Real Estate Accounting

Property management is stressful unless of course, you have the Street Smart® course on Property Management… But accounting for your rental properties doesn’t have to be stressful. This manual is designed for people involved in the purchase, management, and tracking of rental homes or apartments. It will aid you in your understanding and application of QuickBooks for a real estate investment company.

What’s Inside:

  • Learn to sell properties with lightning-fast speed.
  • Get top dollar for your properties.
  • Revolutionary twists on classic auction techniques.
  • The Volume 13: Auction Profits 178 page guidebook with proven real estate techniques.
  • 6 audio CDs (or your choice of media).
  • Complete forms disc containing everything you need to put these strategies into action.

Street Smart Investor is used by top real estate investors and professionals throughout the United States.


What This Product Is

This manual was originally written for QuickBooks 2014 Pro. The principles are similar in newer versions of the program. Although some screens may look different, and there may be more or less functionality present. It is intended to aid you in evaluating QuickBooks and allowing you to get started using it for your residential real estate business.

Why You Might Want This Product

It will help you understand how a real estate rental business works and the associated
terminology. Ideally, you already either have your own corporate entity or be in the
process of forming one. It is essential for you to have a strong understanding of the
financials of your company, even if you hire a bookkeeper. We’ll help you learn them. Use
QuickBooks to enter data properly and you will be able to analyze your business, make
decisions using accurate financials, and save an enormous amount of time.

Suggestions For How to Approach This Manual

Ultimately, you are responsible for your own books. We highly recommend that you have your accountant look over the setup suggestions, and if you have not already done so, that you give QuickBooks a “trial run” early in the process. To ensure QuickBooks is configured optimally for your business, and that it will provide you with all information that you need, enter a small number of your routine transactions. Then try running all the reports you may eventually need.

What This Manual is Not

This manual is not a replacement for your accountant. The tax code runs 17,000 pages and contains a mind-boggling 5.5 million words. Please interview many accountants and choose a
competent one with extensive experience with QuickBooks and real estate business owners like yourself. Find them via your other investor friends, Yelp, and your professional contacts. When you’re ready to implement QuickBooks for your property management, make sure your accountant supports you and is familiar with the program. Most who deal with small businesses are, and may even offer you a discount for using QuickBooks. This manual is not a replacement for your attorney. Consult your attorney.


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Amos Burns, AZ

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Nina Irvin, MS

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Tom Whitermore, NY

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