Discover the secrets to renovate the right way and add insane value to your properties. This course contains proven, real world techniques that dramatically boost the value of your rehabs and renovations. The course covers everything from design features to flow ideas, along with tried and true methods of finding and dealing with reputable and qualified contractors. Complete with proven forms to help eliminate contract disputes, define scope of work, lien waivers and much more.

What’s Inside:

  • Learn which renovations create value and which don’t.
  • Get the most out of your rehabilitation projects.
  • Ready-made forms and documents.
  • Proven techniques to manage renovations at every level.
  • Renovations 170-page guidebook with proven real estate techniques.
  • Audio Training downloadable for your devices and Forms download (or thumb drive)

Street Smart Investor is used by top real estate investors and professionals throughout the United States.


Support For You to Become Extremely Wealthy

That is what this course is going to give you. By using tried and true concepts to successfully complete renovation of your investment or personal property, both for long-term holding or for resale. It also includes a section designed for a great niche market – custom renovations. This can include custom renovation of properties you own (or are planning to own) for resale, or a renovation of a property owned by someone else.

Systems Matter More In Renovations

The more things follow a system, the easier it is to do business, improve the profession, reduce confusion and eliminate problems for us all. This course may be THE definitive work on managing real estate renovations for owners and rehabbers. This system and the forms are designed so the “average” person without any experience can organize an expensive, extensive renovation without falling into the many traps which exist.

Be Prepared to Be a Pioneer – Without The Arrows…

There’s an old saying, “Pioneers end up with arrows in their backs”…well, not on my watch. Take these concepts with you to your market. Let these forms and concepts be the foundation of the way business will be done in your area. I’ve designed this system to make and save you PILES of MONEY!!, and solve problems, many before you have had to endure them! This Renovations system is an extension of my Street Smart Buying, Selling, and Holding
system. For your convenience, this is a stand-alone course but will reference other courses when
another technique can be shared. This course includes all the necessary forms for ongoing proper renovations management.

The Right Words On The Paper

In this course, we will work together to establish your management systems and procedures. By using crisp, well-designed forms “with The Right Words On The Paper,” you will present a professional, no-nonsense image to your contractor and, if you choose to work with them, your custom renovation client. Appearance goes a long way to convince your prospect that you intend to handle your relationship in a business-like manner. This course is designed to help you win at the business of managing your renovations. In fact, I have written it so you could actually hire someone to do this for you. The guidebook is the job description, the instructions and forms are the policies. I have included training instructions on the pages before a particular filled-in sample and blank form. If you follow these “rules,” you will be successful in managing your assets for profit.


“I have purchased other trainings and was left with missing pieces of the puzzle. Not with Lou. He truly cares about our success.“

Catherine Joyner, FL

“This is the program I wish I had available to me in July of 1997 when I started my business.”

Trudy Gray, PA

“Spaced repetitious Learning. Keep repeating myself. It moved me to a place I have long needed to be.”

Susan E. Murray, VA

“Lou does a great job presenting info on how his complete system can be used to set up an entire business quickly and efficiently to maximize profits possible in buying and selling without being a land lord or doing flips. System allows us to work smarter and not a burden and to scale quickly.”

Bryan Schole, PA

“Lou’s systems taught me how to structure my deals to save me money and to put myself in a more profitable position.”

Tenika Chavis, PA

“Vey important to have complete system. Start and add parts as needed.”

Amos Burns, AZ