The Whole Enchilada® Junior

When you have the knowledge and understanding of how Real Estate Investing REALLY works, you can use that to your advantage and convert it into MORE money for your business and most importantly, yourself and your family! This system is designed to get you headed in the right direction and get back on track with your Real Estate Investment business. With The Whole Enchilada Junior, all your fears and obstacles can be removed, no more excuses. We have done all the work for you, you don’t have to re-invent the wheel. This system provides you with all the knowledge, coaching, and personal insight to guide you to start a thriving real estate business with Lou Brown’s Street Smart fundamentals which include volumes 1 – 5.

What’s Inside:

  • Street Smart Buying: The Ins-and-Outs of how and where to find the best deals.
  • Street Smart Selling and Holding: Finance repairs, lease options, and make the most money quickly with the least effort.
  • Negotiations: Tactics, strategies, and techniques necessary for success – BOTH in business and personal.
  • Full Trust Package: Plain English knowledge on Trusts that are easy to use and understand.

Street Smart Investor is used by top real estate investors and professionals throughout the United States.


Vol. 1 – Buying

“Buying” is going to help you to find the niches, it is going to help you to zero in on at least five different markets that you’ll go after and five different types of sellers that you’re going to focus on. You’ll have the tools and the information and the forms and it also includes a real estate investing glossary that helps you identify terms that you may not be familiar with so that you’ve got everything you need to be able to begin acquiring property right now!.

Vol. 2 – Selling & Holding

Buying is where you lock in your profits, but where you realize your profits is when you hold and sell the property. Some people want to go straight for the Gusto and make the most money right now, known as wholesaling where you flip the property to the buyer and that’s great, but you’ve left an awful lot of money on the table. The focus in Holding and Selling is acquiring those potential buyers and then monetizing that relationship right away, even before you have a property for them.

Vol. 3 – Negotiations

This volume is designed to take you through the process of negotiating for the best deal. Personalities, needs, desires, and available resources all play a part in the process of making an offer, then having it accepted. Due to differences in personalities, styles of negotiation, and resources, different people won’t necessarily get the same deals from the same sellers.

That can make it tough to know what is right?! Gaining an understanding and then melding that understanding with your own personality will give you the ability to make the best deal possible for yourself.

That’s what this training is all about!

Asset Protection & Estate Planning – Land Trusts

A real estate land trust is one of the two BEST types for real estate investors, from the many varieties of trusts. A trust, in legal terms, is any arrangement in which one party holds property for another party’s benefit. The property owner never gives up control of the real estate — but the trustee becomes the owner for legal purposes.

Taught in plain English, this course puts the power of the Land Trust in your hands. The Land Trust is also known as the Illinois or Illinois type Land Trust. It’s a type of Living Trust with one major distinction. It actually converts an interest in real property into a personal property interest. The Land Trust will protect your privacy and ensure you avoid probate.

But another GREAT benefit is it can also protect your property from creditors.

A complete system with all of the forms you need to do your own.

Asset Protection & Estate Planning – Personal Property Trusts

The Personal Property Trust or PPT is a more highly defined type of Living Trust. It has as its asset Personal property only. It can have anyone you choose as the Trustee(s), Beneficiary(ies), and can have a third party director if you choose. The reason for a Personal Property Trust to be separate from other Trusts is to segregate assets into individualized compartments. This is particularly beneficial in the case of mobile homes and other high liability items such as vehicles, boats, airplanes, etc., where the vulnerability of the whole estate could be limited due to the complexity and expense of suing many individual Trusts.


“No one else has this information or these skills, technique, this training really sets you high above the rest!”

Shemiah Schene, FL

“I wish I had done Lou’s system first and only. This system is the most comprehensive one I have seen. Thank you!”

Casey Day, FL

This is a focused effort towards my business. It has helped me beyond what I thought it would.”

Tom Stout, CA

“We could not have grown this fast without the Street Smart System. There is nothing that can compare to what is offered by this complete system.”

Kevin Shriver, FL

“Thank you Lou, for helping us to not only learn about Asset Protection, but more importantly, how to apply it.”

Christina Jones, GA

“Since joining Lou’s training we buy an average of 1 to 2 properties per mo. We have followed Lou’s program to the letter and now have 26 properties.”

Cynthia Shriver, IL