Today’s tip is number 24 show the seller how you are benefiting them. Now, this is so important because many times sellers really don’t appreciate some of the things that you’re bringing to the table. One of them is that you can close quickly. Now that can be very valuable to a seller, so you want to contrast that. Well, of course, Mr. Mrs. Jones. You have an opportunity now to go ahead and put your property on the market with a real estate agent and they’re going to tie it up typically for at least six months. Most real estate agents won’t even take a listing for three months. They only want six months or even longer, and in fact, if things don’t work out, they’re going to ask you to relist the property.

Now remember this, they haven’t paid you a dime to tie up your property for all that period of time with that listing agreement. Now, here’s what we can do for you. We’re different. We can buy your house now. We can buy your house as-is. Now. Let me tell you why that’s important because a real estate investor, would want you to go ahead and fix things so that you could get the highest value for the property. Well, if you’ve got the funds to do that with, that might be a good idea, but if you’d like to get rid of the property right now, we can take it as is. You don’t have to fix another thing. You see what I’m doing here is I’m contrasting what benefits that you’re bringing to the table. You want to actually say those things to the seller because sometimes they haven’t really quantified those and valued those and you do bring value as a real estate investor.

You’ve got to know that, that you’re not the bottom-feeding bad people that they are. That some people actually paint the brush the picture of a real estate investor to be, it’s just not true. We help people. We don’t hurt people. We give people an opportunity to get rid of their problems. We can take their problem away from them right away. And for many people, that house is like an anchor and it’s on them and they just got to get rid of it. And when you come in, it’s like a breath of fresh air. It gives them a whole new opportunity. That’s who you are. I hope you enjoy this. I hope you’ll use it. I hope it will benefit you and I’d love to share more of my profitable free tips with you. How can you get more? Well, depending on where you’re seeing this, I would love to ask you to like it.