Hi! It’s Lou Brown. With another of my 101 ways for real estate investors like you to win, close more deals, and accelerate your cash flow. Today’s tip is number 15. “When there is equity, always ask for owner financing”. Now of course this is when you’re buying a property, go through your, what we call the cost to sell worksheet. I’ll be explaining this in another video and what we do is actually sit down with a seller. We make a presentation to them and we end it with something called the cost to sell worksheet. We get down to a final number and at that final number when we’re actually making an offer to the seller, simply say that when you get to that final number, you’ve already taken to account if there is any existing financing on the property, so that final number is their equity in the property. Now at that point in time, you want to ask the seller, how would it work for you? Or excuse me, would it work for you if you were to receive this in the form of dependable monthly payments?

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