Lou has a special squirrel story that he wants to share with everyone.

He realizes that the persistence and the diligence of the squirrel’s personality is something we can learn from and apply in our daily lives.

There are hurdles in our lives and these may stop us from going further.

In this video, Lou wants to send a positive message: Just keep moving!

Even if it means doing things that are beyond our comfort zone.

Watch this video and be inspired!


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Listen to our Podcast:


Lou Brown (00:16):

So, am I nuts or what? This is about the squirrels that got into my house. You know, it’s one of the things about owning property. And I don’t know if this has ever happened to you at your house, but from time to time, you might get critters in your house. And sure enough, I got squirrels in my attic and I’ve had this happen before, but I hired an extrusion company excuse me, exclusion company, exclusion. They exclude supposedly the squirrels from getting inside the house. And I paid a bunch of money for that, but apparently they didn’t do such a great job because now I’ve had the squirrels again. So, and of course they wreak havoc and you can hear them up in the attic and you can, you know, okay, here we go again. There’s somehow or way that they got in.

Lou Brown (01:10):

And Oh my gosh! We’re going to have to deal with this again. And you kind of put up with it for a while because you don’t really want to deal with it. And so sure enough, a friend of mine was having squirrel issues and she found somebody. So I said, well, who are you using? And sure enough, I had them come over and they looked at everything. We made a deal and they started now, this is a multi-step process, by the way, it’s not just a one and done type thing. So they have to set the traps and then they have to start excluding a little bit at a time on the house until they get everything done. Well, the idea is to train the squirrels that they can’t get in, where they used to get in at, and then kind of get them concentrated into one area so that they, you know, make sure that no squirrels are in the house.

Lou Brown (02:00):

And then they finally seal it up. Well, sure enough. Last Friday they sealed it up. They said we’re done. There’s no more squirrels. Well, what they didn’t check maybe is it, there’s a new addition where I am right now to the house. And there was a crossover from the old part to the new part. And apparently they didn’t check there because I’m hearing something in my office on a Saturday. And I go, what? This sounds like something’s up above my head. So you see this light bridge right here, right? So there’s a light bridge and all the lighting and the can lighting and uplighting and all that stuff is in that light bridge. Well, sure enough, that’s also a racetrack because it’s consistent all the way around. So, I heard them up there. I heard one up there. I didn’t know more, was more than one until I found out later.

Lou Brown (02:57):

And I said, okay, we got a problem. So, contact the squirrel getters, the critter getters I call them and they come out and sure enough, they found one and got it trapped and got it out. And you know, we’re trying to humanely deal with these. So they take them out. You have to, by the way, Department of Natural Resources says, you have to go at least five miles away because guess what? Those squirrels have radar. And they can come back. So sure enough, he takes them like 10 miles or more away to a park and lets that one go there. And then I said, I think I hear something. And so sure enough, he comes back. We don’t find the other squirrel. We think he got out. I mean, we did hear him, did see him, but we thought he got out because what happens is they actually go to sleep when we go to sleep.

Lou Brown (03:51):

So when it gets dark, they just take a nap until the next morning. So sure enough, the next morning, the Saturday morning here was the squirrel. And in glory, he’s tearing down things, knocking things over, he’s digging into stuff. I had some snacks. He dug into the snacks and ate those. He even opened up a thing of tea in my crew rig. He opened that up and ate a bunch of the tea. So I said, we’ve got to deal with this. So sure enough, I contacted the guy. Now this is now Sunday. And so the squirrel guy comes back and you know, it was pretty quick, but I was really reflecting on what happened with that squirrel because this squirrel was diligent. This squirrel was persistent. This squirrel is someone we can learn from right in life. Because in life we have certain things that are hurdles for us.

Lou Brown (04:52):

And those hurdles, those exclusions stop us from going further. Maybe it’s a bump in the road. Maybe it’s a wall. Maybe it’s a tall wall and we are stopped. We just simply stop because we don’t have the tools. We don’t have the training. We don’t have the technology. We don’t have the team. We don’t have the ability to get to the other side. And I was reflecting on that because this squirrel was diligent persistent. He was resourceful because he found food in my office and he ate it. He drank, I had my water jug and I’ve got pictures and you’ll see him here. He was drinking out of my water jug. And I said, look at this guy, he’s moved in. He took advantage. You became a squatter. It wasn’t paying rent to that was very offensive to me because I was expecting, you know, whenever people have pets in my world, they pay a pet fee and pet rent too.

Lou Brown (05:56):

But this guy paying anything to be here. I was having to pay him to have him evicted from my residence because he was a squatter, but sure enough, we were successful with that. And I will see because there’s many more squirrels outside. I kind of live in a place that an environment like a, it’s country living in the city, I feel like I’m kinda like a mountain home here. I’ve got all these trees around me and everything like that. But it’s a place where the squirrels love to play. And so, hopefully we’ve gotten our squirrel challenges dealt with, but I thought it’d be interesting for you to know that we can learn a lot from squirrels. We can learn resourcefulness, we can learn persistence and we can learn diligence in what we do and how we do it. And cause ourselves to do things that we otherwise wouldn’t do because Hey, there’s nothing else to do, but cause ourselves to do what the uncomfortable thing is to do. So I want to cause you today and inspire you today to do the uncomfortable thing, whatever it is that you don’t want to do, put that number one on the list and cause yourself to do that. And by the way, now make that a habit every single day, the things that you don’t want to do, put them number one on the list, and then everything else becomes so easy to do. Well, that’s my word of the day. Yeah, baby.