Purchase & Sale Agreement Kit

The On-Demand Audio Training

A special 2-hour recorded training that will take you line by line through this Purchase and Sale Agreement and explain all the important clauses and how to fill it out to pile on extra profit centers, protection, and automatic, no-need-to-feel uncomfortable negotiation. Hear how even a single sentence in this form can make you a fortune!

12 Tips Quick Reference Guide

This is a handy guide to keep with you when going talking to a seller on the phone or in person. You’ll have 12 smart tips to remind you how to use the Agreement for MAXIMUM profit!

Real Estate Terms You Need to Know

There’s nothing worse than having a buyer or a seller throw some term at you that you’ve never heard of. It can scramble your brain and blow the deal discussion or negotiation. This list ensures that NEVER happens. Be “in the know” and never end up stumped and embarrassed

“Doing Good While Doing Well” book

The name “Doing Good While Doing Well” pretty much sums it up! You’ll see how by helping your community and other families you can simultaneously help yourself and your family! Help others solve their problems, make them happy, and make good profits while improving people’s lives. An inspiring and easy read about how people just like you created a rewarding livelihood for themselves using my real estate method!

65 Minute Master Class “The Truth About How to Invest and Profit In Real Estate”

Do you know which real estate investing strategy is 10x more profitable than any of the most common techniques? If you’d like to know the shortcuts to earn huge profits in real estate – shortcuts even the most experienced investors don’t know, this is for you!

  • Includes the Slides from the class for easy reference
  • “Magic Words” Script – potential buyer intake form script to gather crucial buyer/seller information.
  • Path To Home Ownership® Preliminary Application for helping people wanting to experience the American Dream of home ownership who have difficulties qualifying for traditional bank loans, no problem. You can offer alternative methods of buying a home, including Rent-To-Own, Work for Credit, In-House Financing and more