I have been a CAHP for 7 years. My net worth has more than tripled during that time. My personal debt has disappeared.

I am now able to do things on a regular basis that I could only have wished for the last 50 years.

Conversations and negotiations with sellers have become the same thing when a “cost to sell” work sheet is involved. The information THEY provide proves the real value of the transaction to THEM for you. No negotiating required. Just reality in black and white staring them in the face. Huge.

My life is more scheduled now with regular eating and sleeping habits. I physically feel better. Stress is less. A lot less.

The website saves me a ton of time from having to explain everything to everybody. They can read it for themselves. How much they read indicates how motivated they are to be a real buyer. It is a great place to store information and schedule communication.

My ownership of assets is practically invisible to lawyers, government agents, and sue happy people. I feel protected and prepared. There are no fees or dues to pay for government-issued entities.

My education, CAHP wear, presentation, website, and paperwork make me look and feel very professional. Confidence matters. These leave a good first impression with potential customers.