Back with another 101 cash flow accelerator and one of the things that can help you a lot is to save money when you are doing renovations. And one of the things that you have to get clear in your contract with your contractor, and I jokingly say con…tractor, it’s built right into their name, right, is that it gets you to get very good clear in the beginning who’s gonna do what under what circumstances, in what time frame.

And one of the things you always want to get clarity on is the concept of having to get permits from the County. Is it you that’s going to get the permit and they’re going to work under your permission or are they gonna get the permit? Well, I always recommend that you have the contractor get the permit. They’re putting their license on the line. They’re putting themselves at risk when they don’t do what they’re supposed to do. We always want to get the sign-off from the County before you proceed with paying them. So hopefully that’s been of value to you. Like this. Love this, share this, and do subscribe. I will see you soon.