Hi! It’s Lou Brown. With another one of my 101 ways for real estate investors like you to win, close more deals, and accelerate your cash flow. Today’s tip is number 30. Find out what they need, meaning the seller. Then craft your offer to show them how you’ll give them what they need. So by that I mean find the seller’s pain. The seller’s pain is a very important thing for you to discover. Number one and number two to address. So in your presentation to the seller, as you’re listening to them, as you’re discovering, in another tip I mentioned, ask questions, discover what their situation is, discover what their pain is. Now once you do that, then you’re going to use that to help solve their problem. Explain to them what it is that you can do for them to solve that problem. Tie in their problem with your solution.

So for example, “Mr. & Mrs. Jones, I’m so happy for you that you are transferring to another state and I’m so glad that that’s working out for you. And I’ve got some good news for you. You know that if you were to list your property with a real estate agent, you would have to carry that property for six months or even longer. You’d have to make payments. I’ve got good news for you. We can actually take your property right away. How quickly would you like to move?” Boom! You find out that information if you haven’t already, but you always want to tie back in that you are bringing something to the table that’s different than the others. Once, if you’ve done a good job actually uncovering and discovering what their pain is, then your solution is absolutely magnificent. But again, you need to incorporate that into your language.

I know this is a value because I use it all the time and I hope you’ve enjoyed it. I know that this will make a difference with your profits and I’d love to share more of my profitable free tips with you. How can you get more? Depending on where you’re seeing this. I want you to like it. Love it. Comment on it. Subscribe. And share this with your friends and your network. Thank you for watching. And I hope to see you soon. Yeah, baby!

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